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Пекински унивреситет по архитектура и строителство

2019 - 0000

 Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture

 Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture is a university in Beijing is the only architectural colleges.

The school has 11 two colleges and three basic teaching units, College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Civil and Transportation Engineering, Environmental and Energy Engineering, School of Electrical and Information Engineering, Economics and Management, Engineering, Surveying and Urban Space information, electromechanical and Vehicle Engineering, and Law, College of Continuing Education, international Education, Department of computer Education and network information, ideological and political theory teaching and research department and Sports Ministry. Schools existing more than 12,500 people, including more than 7,500 full-time undergraduates, doctoral and master more than 1,900 people, adult education college students, more than 3,000 people, more than 120 students. Existing 34 undergraduate majors, including the Ministry of Education specialty 3 - architecture, civil engineering, building environment and equipment engineering; Beijing specialty 7 - architecture, civil engineering, building environment and equipment engineering, water supply and drainage engineering, project management, surveying engineering and automation. The school has "architecture" doctoral-level disciplines, a post-doctoral research stations, 12 master's a discipline, a master's interdisciplinary point five professional degree authorization points and 8 categories Master's degree in the field of engineering authorization points. Beijing has a key disciplines three disciplines - architecture, civil engineering, surveying and mapping science and technology, a discipline in Beijing two key disciplines - management science and engineering, urban planning study.