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Московски Държавен Пътно Транспортен Технически Университет /МАДИ/

2019 - 0000



 Moscow Automobile and Road Construction State Technical University (MADI) was founded on the 13th December 1930.

Now MADI is one of the largest universities in Russia, the leading research and educational center for training bachelors, specialists, masters and researchers in various fields: road, bridges and airport construction, operation and service of transport, economics and management in transport and construction, automated systems of management, traffic safety and management. Now at MADI there are more than 140 doctors of science, 500 full and associate professors, who teach more than 16000 undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students. Among MADI’s alumni there are government officials and researchers, businessmen and university professors of many countries. For its contribution to training of qualified specialists MADI was awarded Medal of Friendship of Vietnam (1988) and Laos (2015). MADI was the first Russian university to send in 2006 its team to Formula Student competition and from that time student engineering projects have resulted in successful performance at various international competitions. MADI has scientific and educational cooperation programs with foreign universities and 2016 is the second year when some MADI graduates will get double degree of both MADI and Otto Von Guericke University of Magdeburg. MADI’s mission is research and education to ensure availability of high-quality, efficient and safe transport and to increase vehicle-to-population ratio, which is a crucial factor for Russian transport system, providing its integrity.