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Prof. Dr. Eng. Klaus Frieder Sieber

Doctor honoris causa

Prof. Dr. Eng. Klaus Frieder  Sieber
E-mail Dr.F.Sieber@web.de
Website www.akate-bildung.de
Birth Place and Date Chemnitz, Germany August 28, 1943
Marital Status separated, daughter and two sons
Year Honored 2008


1950 – 1962 Secondary school: Matriculation
1959 – 1962    Specialty: Building draftsman
1964 – 1970    University education:  Technische Universität Dresden Dipl.-Civil Engineer
1964 – 1970    Post-graduate course Ph.D
1982            TU-Leipzig Faculty Assoc. Professor
1989            TU-Leipzig Supernumerary Professor
1994            Doctor Honoris Causa of University of Architecture and Civil Engineering – St.-Petersburg 
1996            Doctor habil of University of Architecture and Civil Engineering – St.-Petersburg
1997            Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Transport)
1997            Consulting engineer, Construction chamber-Berlin
1990            Universities of Moscow/ St.-Petersburg, Professor of Construction management
2000            UACEG-Sofia Professor of Construction management and water management
2001            Member of the International Academy of Information-Brussels
2001            Member and Professor of the International Academy of science, education, industry and art,
                          California, USA
2008           Doctor Honoris Causa of University of Architecture Civil Engineering and Geodesy– Sofia
2009           Full member of Leibniz society
2011           Honorary Professor of Moscow University of entrepreneurship and law


Professional Skills

01.06.1970 Design engineer in the Rationalisierung Braunkohle Company, Großräschen (Germany)

1970-1975 Structure engineer in Combine for high-rise and transport construction, Karl-Marx-Stadt, Germany
1975-1979 Head of the main workshop in the same enterprise 
1979-1980 Operation director
1981-1985 Production manager
1985-1990 Director-general
01.07.1990-1991 Trade manager, STT Sächsische Tief- und Tunnel Bau GmbH (Germany)
01.07.1990-1991 Trade manager, Züblin Sachsen GmbH (Germany)
1990-2000 President, Sächsischer Bauindustrieverband e.V. (Germany)
2001-2009 Member of the Board of managers, Sächsischer Bauindustrieverband e.V. (Germany)
1991-1996 Trade manager, Gebr. Uhlig Nachf. GmbH of high-rise and transport construction (Germany)
1990-         Proprietor, Construction bureau-Sieber
1997-         Trade manager, Sieber GmbH, Construction services 
1993-         Trade manager, Aka-Te Group for Training and Consulting
1998-         Vice President, VSW Vereinigung der Sächsischen Wirtschaft e.V.
1999-2006 President of the Board of managers, 
2006-         Head supervisor, bsw Bildungswerk der Sächsischen Wirtschaft e.V.
2008-         President, EASE European Association for Studies and Education
2009-         Member of the Board of managers, LIFIS e.V.