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Call for students to solve 100+ challenges of Horizon Europe project INDUSAC - join now!


Dear students,
Within the Horizon Europe INDUSAC project students of all programmes are invited to join 3- to-6-member international teams and solve companies' challenges!

In addition to working on a real-life challenge, you will also:

· gain experience in working with companies,

· strengthen your own international network,

· and receive up to 1000 EUR gross per student.

Currently, more than 100 different challenges from European companies are published on the platform INDUSAC and they cover different topics from the fields of economy, design, ICT, different technical fields, natural sciences, etc.

To join, take the following steps:

1) select a challenge,

2) Register on the platform INDUSAC,

3) form a team, or join a team:

- look around your or neighbouring faculties for additional team members, and / or

- join the Slack community where students with similar interests can meet (to access Slack, go to the challenge of your choice and click on the right-hand button to [Join the Slack community]; after that, find the specific Slack channel dedicated to your challenge; you can do this for more than one Challenge

4) Once your team is formed (make sure you check eligibility criteria, see below), prepare a short joint Motivation letter and submit it to the company through the platform by 30 May 2024.

5) If the Motivation letter is approved, you may begin solving the challenge presumably at the end of June / beginning of July 2024.

Detailed information with terms and conditions for participating can be found on the project website and in the Call for students.

In case of any questions, don't hesitate to contact the INDUSAC team at indusac@ijs.si.

The deadline for applying (= submitting Motivation Letters) is 30 May 2024.

Keep in mind that Motivation Letters do not take long to prepare, but you do need to assemble your team first!

To explain the entire process in more detail, the INDUSAC team will be organizing a special Zoom session on Thursday 23 May at 9 am at the following link: https://zoom.us/j/9060304106. They'll be answering your questions on how to form a team, how to apply, and helping you move your applications forward – hope to see you there!

Източник: Jožef Stefan Institute