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nfoPoint conference: Voices from the Future - Testimonies from Youth Advisory Climate Councils ambassadors


Where will we be in a decade without strong climate action?

Young people, all over the world, have been raising their voices to demand stricter and more commitment towards action against climate change. Since 2020, the People & Planet (P&P) project – funded under the DEAR Programme - has been raising awareness and prompting action on climate change and water scarcity. With its Youth Advisory Climate Councils, the project has been promoting the exchange of ideas and cooperation between young people and local authorities in Europe and Africa, that can promote and implement a more sustainable development.

Is this a dynamic that can really make the difference in topics such as the Climate Action, the pursuit of Social Justice, or the promotion of Human Rights and Active Citizenship? What are the successes that this work relationship is bringing, and where is more progress needed?

Practical information
When: Thursday 22 February 2024, 14:00 - 15:30 (CET)
Where: InfoPoint and Webex Meetings

Organisers: International Partnerships InfoPoint

Thaïs Leray, Head of Youth Sector, INTPA G3
Pedro Cruz, People & Planet Project Coordinator
Arianna Fracchiolla, Ambassador for the Umbria Youth Advisory Climate Council
Marta González, Ambassador for the Galician Youth Advisory Climate Council
João Brás, Ambassador for the Portuguese Youth Advisory Climate Council
Paul Hefler, Ambassador for the German Youth Advisory Climate Council

Language of conference: English

Language of Q&A session: English, Italian, German, Galician, Spanish, Portuguese

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Source: European Commission