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Welcoming representatives of Barleti University, Tirana @UACEG

26.03.2024, CIRM

The Erasmus+ KA171 guests visited our university in the period 18-22 March 2024.

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The main objectives of the visit were to get acquainted with the material facilities of UACEG, to meet with representatives of the Faculty of Architecture and to discuss practical applications in the administration of the Erasmus+ KA171 programme.

The guests were impressed by the scale of the university buildings, the spacious spaces and the many halls and laboratories, as well as the large number of students studying with us.

To the delight of the guests, we were also able to arrange a meeting with the wife of Arch. Zheko Zhekov, who designed many of Tirana's public buildings and to whom the Albanians will place a memorial plaque in one of Tirana's parks. The meeting turned out to be very emotional for both sides.