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Ready for the summer of your life? Or winter, we also do winters.


Apply for Masaryk University's two week intensive summer schools, deadline is 1 May2024!

For the period 14-27 July 2024, we will welcome students across various disciplines to join Masaryk Universityр Czech Republic, and meet students from around the world while the focus in one of the academic areas listed below. You can choose from over 10 different academic courses.

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During the summer schools students spend the morning and/or afternoons in class, and in the evenings explore Brno and South Moravia with our summer school team. 

The courses are from the spheres of science, languages, social sciences+business and sports.
For more information, please visit our website: here
Dates: 14-27 July 2024
Cost: €1100*
Credits: 3-4 ECTS depending on the course
Application deadline: 1 May
*Partner University Discount already applied. Costs include tuition, accomodation, breakfast, organized day trip to Vienna, daily culture and social activities and 24/7 support.


Source: Masaryk University