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Call for Applications: NEW RURALITIES (NERU) International Collaborative Workshop

08.05.2024, NERU

Porto do Son (Spain) 5-15 September 2024

A 10-day intensive teaching and co-creation workshop focused on rural Europe, part of an ongoing collaboration between six universities and their respective faculties of architecture (ULB, UDC, UMINHO, POLITO, ETHZ and UACEG).

 All costs are covered by the Erasmus+ Cooperation Partnerships - NERU project: travel, accommodation and meals.

Limited places (8 places by UACEG) for students with completed 2nd year Bachelor and Master degrees in Urbanism, Architecture and Landscape Architecture and Landscape Planning, as well as PhD students in Spatial and Landscape Planning and Urban Planning or other within the Faculty of Architecture of UACEG.

You will use different methods to explore rural territories and imagine their future, together with local stakeholders and collectives such as Landra, Space Transcribers and Fundacion RIA. during the first half of the workshop, invited instructors will present us their practices, including artistic, cartographic, entrepreneurial or architectural. In the second half, you are invited to develop your proposals, planning solutions, interventions and models ... around four themes considered relevant to the socio-ecological conditions of the Brabanza Peninsula: water, soil, forestry and industry.

If you are interested in taking part, please send a covering letter (maximum 300 words or one A4 page) and a short portfolio (maximum 10 p. A4 or 5 p. A3), accompanied by an extract of your evaluations.

Deadline for applications: 9 June 2024.

The form for submission of the qualification and participation documents is available

After completing the form, you will receive information about your participation in the workshop by 23 June 2024.
The working language will be English, and you will be expected to have a B2 level of understanding and a B1 level of speaking and writing according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR - https://tinyurl.com/bdfhpray). It is possible to certify the level with various documents described in the form.

For more information and questions write to Asst. Dr. Urb. Prof. Angel Burov (burov_far@uacg.bg), coordinator of the project for UACEG.

Source: NERU