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The Department provides teaching in the following courses:

  • Programming and Application of Computer Systems;
  • Computer-Aided Engineering;
  • Computer Systems in Civil Engineering;
  • Computer-Aided Structural Design;
  • Applied Informatics;
  • Information Technologies.

Photo Gallery

  • Тримерно геометрично моделиране при проектиране на строителни конструкции
  • Повишаване на ресурсната и енергийната ефективност в строителството

The research activities and work of the postgraduate and doctoral students are focused on the following areas:

  • basic aspects of computer engineering (database theory and design, basic programming, object-oriented programming, computer graphics, etc.);
  • application of computer technologies and systems for computer-aided design in civil engineering;
  • effects of digital filtering in data processing of seismic acceleration records and seismic analyses;
  • implementation of artificial intelligence methods in modeling of seismic hazard processes, COM-objects in finite elements method, etc.

The results of the research activities are published in different journals and presented in various national and international conferences.