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The Department provides teaching in the following courses:

  • Statics of Structures;
  • Structural Mechanics;
  • Stability of Structures;
  • Dynamics of Structures;
  • Theory of Elasticity and Plasticity;
  • Plastic Analysis of Structures;
  • Finite Element Method;
  • Computer-aided Analysis of Structures;
  • Dynamics of Hydrotechnical Facilities;
  • Earthquake Resistant Design of Structures,
  • Structural Analysis using ANSYS.

The research activities and work of the postgraduate and PhD students are focused in the following areas:

  • Discretisation Methods of Stress and Strain Analysis of Structures;
  • Modelling and response analysis of structures subjected to dynamic actions;
  • Modelling of material nonlinearities for static and dynamic analyses;
  • Behaviour of structures with large displacements;
  • Local and global instability problems;
  • Analysis of thin-walled structures;
  • Experimental methods in structural mechanics;
  • Design codes and provisions.

The Department provides teaching to students of the Faculties of Structural Engineering, Architecture, Transportation Engineering and Hydrotechnics.