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This Department provides profiling taught courses for the degree programme Water Supply and Sewerage with its two specialities: Water Supply and Sewerage Systems and Facilities, and Water and Wastewater Treatment.

The teaching courses (totally 21 courses in FHT, FSE and FTE) include basic issues of investigation, design, building and operation of urban, industrial and agricultural water supply and sewerage systems; pump stations; water and wastewater treatment plants; house water supply and drainage plumbing; municipal and industrial solid waste treatment facilities; gas supply to settlements and industrial sites; water environment protection from pollution

There are seven laboratories within the Department used both for training purposes and research. They carry out chemical analysis for determination of quality parameters of natural water and wastewater, municipal and industrial solid wastes; conduct research for technological modeling of water supply and sewerage systems, wastewater treatment processes and solid waste treatment processes.

Departmental laboratories:

Water Supply and Water Treatment - Building A, Ground Floor, Room A 106, Phone 963 52 45/572

Sewerage and Wastewater Treatment, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry and Water Microbiology - Building A, Ground Floor, Room A 104, Phone 963 52 45/573

House Water Supply and Drainage; Pumps and Pump Stations - Building A, Ground Floor, Room 101, Phone 963 52 45/399

Spectral Analysis of Water and Solid Waste Treatment - Building A, Ground Floor, Room A 102, Phone 963 52 45/399

Chemistry, Chemistry of Water, Chemistry in Civil Engineering- Building 7, Ground Floor, Rooms 120, 120A and 121, Phone 963 52 45/572

Computer Laboratory - Building A, Floor 4, Room A 413, Phone 963 52 45/625

Water and Wastewater Treatment Technologies - Building 7, Ground Floor, Room 120, Phone 963 52 45/572