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The Department reads profiling taught courses for students of Hydraulic Structures programme and Hydraulic Structures speciality of Hydraulic Engineering degree programme.

The staff of the Department holds totally 20 courses in FHT, and delivers short courses for continuing education students. The Department's staff covers the fields of investigation, design, construction and maintenance of dams and dam structures, water-power systems and structures, underground hydraulic structures, harbour- and coast-protecting structures, tailings dams and ash dams, environment protection and water balance studies.

The research and practical experience of the staff as well as the special software available, contribute to the high level education and complex and non-standard problems solving in the field of hydraulic structures.

The training laboratory at the Department is used for a demonstration of standard samples of hydraulic structures, operation regimes of the equipment of water-power stations and pumped-storage stations with the help of impulse and reaction turbines and reversible units. Model hydraulic studies and studies of real structures through the Electro-Hydro Dynamic Analogy method can be also performed in the lab.

Departmental laboratories:

Hydraulic Structures - Building A, Ground Floor, tel. 963 52 45/742

Water-Power Plants and Pumped-Storage Plants - Building A, Ground Floor,
tel. 963 52 45/742

Hydraulic Engineering - Building A, Room 306