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This Department delivers the following courses:

  • Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology;
  • Soil Mechanics;
  • Foundation Engineering;
  • Structural Rock Mechanics;
  • Ecology and Environmental Protection;
  • Environmental Impact Assessment.
Railway Construction
The Department holds the following courses: Railway Construction (generall course); Design and Construction of Railways; Superstructure and Maintenance of Railroads; Stations, Station Structures and Railway Operation; Special Railways; Safty, Management and Standard Documents in Railway Transport.
Department of road construction and transport facilities

This Department provides teaching in the following disciplines:

  • Road Construction (general course);
  • Design of Roads and Junctions;
  • Road Construction;
  • Urban Planning, Urban Traffic and Streets;
  • Construction of Airports;
  • Maintenance and Reconstruction of Roads;
  • Transportation Systems (elective);
  • Organisation and Safety of Road Traffic (elective);
  • Modern Technologies in Road Construction (elective).

This Department provides teaching in the following disciplines:

  • Linear Algebra and Analytical Geometry;
  • Analysis I and II;
  • Applied Mathematics;
  • Mathematical Theory of Transport Flows.
Social Sciences
The Department delivers the following disciplines: Philosophy and General Theory of Market Economy. Philosophy is split into several elective courses: Philosophy of Culture and Religion, Theory of Values, Theory of Social Relations and History of Philosophy.