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Founded in 1948, six years after the foundation of the Higher Technical School, the Department teaches the following courses: Mathematical Geodesy, Physical Geodesy, National Geodetic Networks, Geodetic Astronomy, Satellite Geodesy, Global Positioning System, Geodetic Methods in Geodynamics, Systems of Altitudinal Measurement, Geoid and Quasigeoid, Mathematical Methods in Geodesy, Calibration and Standardisation in Geodesy.
Geodesy and Geoinformatics
The department was founded in 1942 under the name Geodesy and Astronomy. In 1945 the name is changed to Surveying. In 2001, this department is divided into two independent departments, one of them being Geodesy and Geoinformatics. This department offers the following courses: Surveying for students in Geodesy; Surveying for students of the faculties of Structural Engineering and Hydrotechnics; CAD Systems, Mathematical Processing of Geodetic Measurements, Information Systems in Geodesy, ...
Sustainable land use and real estate management

The department was founded in 1950 under the name Land Management.
In 1992 it merges the Research Laboratory and the new unit is named Land Management and Agrarian Development department.

Applied Geodesy

This department was founded in 1945 as Cadastre and Land Consolidation department.
In 1947 and 1948 it was subsequently renamed Cadastre and Land Management, and Applied Geodesy. In 1973, it merges the department of Surveying. The final restoration of the department of Applied Geodesy is realised in 2001.


Photogrammetry and Cartography

The department was founded in 1942 as Photogrammetry, Topography and Cadastre department.
In 1945, a new department Photogrammetry and Topography derives from the primary department. In 1948 the new department is renamed Photogrammetry.