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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Ventzi Bojkov

Faculty of Hydraulic Engineering - Deputy dean for research and international activities

Faculty of Hydraulic Engineering, Department Hydraulics and Hydrology

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Ventzi Bojkov
Office Room A424
Student Hours Monday 10:00 - 11:00
Tuesday 10:00 - 11:00
mobile 00359 887 422 179
Phone 9635245/597
E-mail bojkov_fhe@uacg.bg
Marital Status married


Engineering Hydrology


Institution: University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy
(UACEG) – Sofia
Date: 02.2004 - 04.2005
Study: Free based PhD study in Hydrology
Degree: PhD in Engineering Hydrology, Hydraulics and Water Economy
Diploma: №29913-01.08.2005
Institution: International Institute for Infrastructural, Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering (IHE), Delft, The Netherlands, incl. six-month final thesis preparation at DHI Denmark
Study: MSc study in Hydroinformatics
Date: 10.1999 - 04.2001
Degree: MSc Hydroinformatics (with distinction)
Institution: Water Resources Research Center (VITUKI) Budapest, Hungary
Study: International Post-graduate course
Hydrological Methods of Environmental Management
Date: 03.1999 - 07.1999
Certificate: Num.: 1-1999.27.07.
Institution: University of Science and Technology (NTNU) Trondheim Norway
Study: Specialization in Hydrological Modeling and Hydrological Information Systems
Date: 11.1995 - 04.1996
Institution: Technical University of Sofia
Study: Post–graduate course in Applied Mathematics and Informatics
Date: 10.1990 - 04.1992
Diploma Num.: 519-1992.04.22.
Institution: University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy
(UACEG) – Sofia
Date: 09.1985 - 07.1990
Degree: MSc Civil Engineer in Irrigation and Drainage
Diploma: Serial Number AE Nr. 019897, Reg. N:.25866-1995.01.25

Language Skills

Language: Reading; Speaking; Writing.
English: very good; very good; very good.
Russian: good; good; good.

Professional Skills

- Good computer skills - MS Word, Excel, Micrograph Designer, AutoCad, Grapher, MIKE SHE, MIKE 11, MOUSE (certificate from DHI course), MIKE NET, NeuroSolutions, GPKernel, Hyfran, etc.
- Good skills and experience in current meter calibration.
- Hydrological Surveys incl. Stream flow Measurements.
- Hydrological modeling, application of data mining techniques in hydrology.


IAD International Association for Danube Research – member

Participation in Research Projects

- Maximum runoff computation of selected rivers in the region of Bobov Dol - 1993;
- Hydraulic and Hydrological research of the Lower Danube - 1993;
- Ecological assessment of the Varna and Beloslav lake pollution - 1994;
- Assessment of the elements of water balance of the Iskar reservoir -1994.
- Discharge measurements at the "Canal of Cooling water" of the "Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant" – 1996
- Water balance of the Iskar river from the springs to the town of Novi Iskar - 1996;

Participation in International Projects

- Morphological changes of the Danube riverbed and abatement of their negative effect - PHARE project preliminary phase – 1997;
- Technical Assistance for the Preparation of Phare CBC 2005 Bulgaria-Turkey Project “Capacity Improvement for Flood Forecasting in the BG-TR CBC Region” – 2006;
- EUROPEAID/121561/D/S/BG - Supply of Diagnostic and Modelling Tools, Training and Services for 13 Regional Water Companies in Bulgaria - 2007;
- EUROPEAID/124338/D/SUP/BG, LOT 2 – Delivery of Diagnostic and Modeling Equipment for Water Supply and Wastewater Networks for Gorna Oriahovitza and Liaskovetz - 2008;
- EUROPEAID/120290/D/S/BG - Delivery Of Diagnostic, Maintenance And Modeling Equipment For The Water And Wastewater Network LOT1 – Smolian, LOT2 – Varna, LOT3 – Balchik, LOT4 - Shoumen - 2008;
- “Delivery of equipment for diagnostic and modelling of water supply and sewer networks town Blagoevgrad under ISPA measure №2001/BG/16/P/PE/008 “Treatment of the wastewater of town Blagoevgrad”” - 2009 - 2010;
- EU OJ 2008/S 144-193996 “Technical assistance for Preparation projects in water sector – group A – Burgas, Gabrovo, Kustendil, Ruse, Sliven, and Vratsa”- 2009 - 2010.


- S. Modev, V. Bojkov - Brochure for practical training in Hydrology - 1995. Sofia;
- S. Modev, V. Bojkov, M. Pechinova - Methodology for calibration of the velocity current meter rating system - June 1998 - National conference with international participation “Irrigation and drainage ‘98”, Proceedings;
- V. Bojkov - Study of water resources information policy based on the provisions of the EU environmental legislation – 1999, Water Resources Research Centre, Budapest, Hungary;
- V. Bojkov – Runoff modeling with Genetic Programming and Artificial Neural Networks – 2001, IHE Delft, The Netherlands;
- V. Bojkov – Hydrometeorological data classification using artificial neural networks – 2002, VSU “L. Karavelov” Sofia, Proceedings;
- V. Bojkov - An Approach for Runoff computation using three Data Mining Techniques – 2002, NATO Advanced workshop;
- V. Bojkov - Application of Data Mining Techniques for Hydrological Data Classification - 2002, Jubilee scientific conference 60 years UACG Sofia, Proceedings vol. 7;
- V. Bojkov - Using Genetic Programming and Artificial Neural Networks in Hydrology - 2002, Jubilee scientific conference 60 years UACG Sofia, Proceedings vol. 7;
- N. Lisev, V. Bojkov – Dam Break Wave Investigation. Case study “Beli Iskar” - 2002, Jubilee scientific conference 60 years UACG Sofia, Proceedings vol. 7;
- V. Bojkov, Martina Pechinova – Hydrologic computations based on Genetic Programming – 2003, First Central European DHI Software Conference, Prague, Czech Republic.
- Kazakov B., Tzankov B., Lisev N., Bojkov V. – Kozloduy NPP cooling water discharge – field study and modeling – XXX IAHR congress, 24-29 August 2003, Thessaloniki, Greece.
- Krejcik, J, Zeman, E., Bojkov, V., Dimov, A. – Using EU Standards and Hydroinformatics Tools for Best Investment Strategy in Urban Water Management – Recent CEE Experience – 9th BNAWQ Scientific and Practical Conference, 18-20 February 2004, Sofia Bulgaria.
- V. Bojkov – Application of data mining techniques for selection and classification of data for river runoff assessment – PhD thesis, April 2005, UACG, Sofia.
- V. Bojkov – Evolving the Design Storm Relationships with Genetic Programming – Ist International Conference BULAQUA. June 2005, Sofia.
- V. Bojkov – Surface runoff modeling at river basins based on GIS and specialized software - Journal BULAQUA, issue 3, 2005
- V. Bojkov, T. Metelka - Implementation of MIKE URBAN software for modelling of water supply and sewer systems in Bulgaria – DHI Software conference, Dubrovnik, 10.2008;
- T. Metelka, V. Bojkov - Conceptual Approach to Storm Water Management in Urbanised Areas – third international conference Bulaqua 2009, May 2009, Sofia;
- M. Pechinova, V. Bojkov – Comparison of the Danube River low flow near Silistra before and after putting in operation of the Iron gate dam – Vodno delo jurnal, issue 3/4 2009;
- M. Tesarik, P. Tunev, V. Bojkov, Z. Svitak – Conceptual approach to water loss reduction – Bulaqua jurnal, issue 03/04 2009;
- St. Modev, V. Bojkov, M. Pechinova – Notes in Engineering Hydrology for practical training of the II-nd and III-rd year students at the Faculty of Hydrotechnics; - Prof. R. Arsov, Kr. Gotcheva , Dr. V.Bojkov, Dr. T.Metelka – Impact of DHI Technology on Bulgarian Water Sector Development in Framework of Technical and Infrastructural Aid in the period 2006-2010 – DHI Software conference, Copenhagen, 09.2010;
- V. Bojkov, S. Kirilova-Yovcheva - Generating regional relationships for the maximum runoff characteristics for the catchment area of Cankov Kamak dam;
- Z. Sviták, V. Bojkov, T. Metelka, D. Moran – Rehabilitation Strategies in Water Networks as Combination of Operational, Property and Model Information – Third International Workshop “Water Loss Reduction in Water Supply Systems, 18-19.XI.2010, Sofia, Bulgaria.
- T. Metelka, V. Bojkov - Stormwater Management under the Climate Change Conditions - fourth international conference BulAqua 2011, April 2011, Sofia;
- V. Bojkov, M. Pechinova , S. Kirilova – Regional Relationships for determination of the max flow in the upper parts of the Maritsa River basin - Journal Vodno Delo – 2012;
- M. Pechinova , V. Bojkov – Regional Relationships for determination of the max flow in the Tundja River Basin downstream the Jrebchevo Dam - International Jubilee Conference: Science and Practice - 70 years UACEG, November 2012;
- M. Pechinova , N. Lissev, V. Bojkov - Regional relationships for the annual runoff in the mid and lower section of the Maritsa River - UACEG year book, 2014;
- M. Pechinova , V. Bojkov – Regional relationships for the maximum flow in middle and lower part of the Maritsa river - Jubilee international scientific conference - 65 years HTF and 15 years German Language education - UACEG, Sofia, November 2014