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Chief Assist. Prof. Dr. Angel Burov

Faculty of Architecture, Department Urban Planning

Chief Assist. Prof. Dr. Angel Burov
Office Room 1006
E-mail burov_far@uacg.bg


Urbanism - bachelor's programme
Urban Analysis - Project - 1st semester
Environmental Policy and Sustainability - 2nd semester
Environmental Policy and Sustainability II - 3th semester
Spatial Planning Systems in Europe - 6th semester
Urban Regeneration - Project - 7th semester
Urban Rehabilitation - 7th semester
Contemporary Planning Practice - 7th semester
Tourism Planning - 7th semester
Urbanism - master's programme
Theory of Urban Planning - II - 1st semester
Integrated Coastal Zones Development - 1st semester
Integrated Planning Project - 2nd semester

Science Interests

Integrated urban and regional planning and management, central, intermediate and peripheral areas Sustainable development, resilience of socio-ecological systems, landscape design and environmental impact assessment, urban ecology and the Anthropocene Recreation and tourism planning, localization and life cycle of creative and recreational industries Urban regeneration, creative destruction and creative resistance Community empowerment, self-governance and multi-level governance, socio-spatial networks Connections between natural and cultural landscapes, urban biodiversity, urban horticulture and agriculture Monitoring and evaluation of urban, local and regional development Intermodality, flexible and non-motorized mobility, cycling and walking