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Computer - Aided Analysis of Structures

Computer - Aided Analysis of Structures
Major Structural Engineering
Faculty Faculty of Structural Engineering
Department Structural Mechanics
Lead Lecturer Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Aleksandar Traikov
Additional Languages English, Russian

Year of education:V, Semester: 9, WINTER
Assessment: continuous assessment
Method of teaching: lectures
Total hours: 30 lectures (Academic Hours)
ECTS credits 2

Goals and objectives of the subject:The aim of the course is to give students knowledge and basic skills for creating and analyzing computer models of building structures. The general principles for creating computer models of the main types of structures are considered. The application of the widely used software for creation and analysis of computer models of structures is demonstrated.
Characteristics of the subject:The course combines and upgrades the knowledge acquired by the students in various courses in structural mechanics and building structures. Knowledge and skills in creating two-dimensional and three-dimensional computer models for basic types of reinforced concrete and steel structures are acquired. The specifics of the creation, analysis and verification of the results of the computer calculations of structures for vertical and horizontal loads are commented.
Acquired knowledge: Methods underlying the computer programs. Main internationally recognized software and specific applications available in Bulgaria. Main approaches to modelling structures and actions. Approaches to building an appropriate computational model. Results checks.
Acquired skills:Work with software for structural analysis that is internationally recognized and widely used in Bulgaria; creation of appropriate computer models and their verification.

Preliminary requirements:

  • Structural analysis Parts I and II
  • Structural dynamics and Seismic Analysis
  • Finite element method
  • Steel structures
  • Reinforced concrete structures

Examination rules