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Theoretical Mechanics I

Theoretical Mechanics I

The students learn to: Kinematics of particles. Translation, rotation about a fixed axis, general plane motion and general motion of rigid bodies. Absolute and relative motion of particles. Axioms of mechanics. Equivalent systems of forces. Reduction of a system of forces. Centre of gravity. Distributed forces. Connections, supports and reactions at supports. Equilibrium of systems of forces. Equilibrium of particles, rigid bodies and systems of rigid bodies. Graphical methods in statics. Geometric unchangeability and statical determinativeness. Friction.


Конспект по ТМ-I
Гл.ас. д-р инж. А. Дойчева

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Coursework ans assignments

Курсови задачи по Теоретична механика I (Кинематика+Статика)
Доц. д-р инж. П. Павлов; Гл.ас. д-р инж. А. Дойчева

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