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Linear Algebra and Analytical Geometry

Linear Algebra and Analytical Geometry

The concepts of vectors and matrices are introduced together with the corresponding operations, as well as important scalar functions of vectors and matrices (scalar product, norm, determinant ). Properties of vector spaces are considered. Linear algebraic equations and least-squares problems are studied together with methods for their solution. The eigenstructure (eigenvalues and eigenvectors/associated vectors) of a square matrix is considered as well as methods for its computation. Geometrical objects of first degree (straight lines and planes) are studied as well as curves and surfaces of second degree in the plane and space. Elements of numerical linear algebra are given.


Матрични изчисления (с примери от MATLAB)
Учебник с монографичен характер по теория на матриците и матрични изчисления с използване на диалоговата система MATLAB.

Study materials

Прави и равнини в пространството. Стереометрия
основни конструкции с вектори, прави и равнини, примери от стереометрията