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English Language

English Language
Faculty Department of Applied Linguistics and Physical Culture
Department Applied Linguistics
Lead Lecturer Assoc. Prof. Dr. Boyan Aleksiev

The student can attend one out of four levels of English learning: Level 1: 135 hours English language for general purposes (EGP) and 45 hours English language for specific purposes (ESP). Level 2: 120 hours EGP and 60 hours ESP course (Pre-Intermediate students) Level 3: 90 hours EGP and 90 hours ESP. Level 4: 180 academic hours in ESP. The main aim is to develop the students’ communicative competences in reading, listening and writing specialized texts in the specific subject field, as well as oral skills in professional situations. Cross-cultural awareness is also one of the aims. Modern textual and audio-visual materials are used, which contain topics from the basic special disciplines studied at the UACEG.