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Urban Territory Planning

Urban Territory Planning
Major Land and Real Estate Management and Planning
Faculty Faculty of Architecture
Department Urban Planning
Lead Lecturer Assoc. Prof. Dr. Arch. Mincho Nenchev

The course synthesizes the knowledge on the spatial organization of settlements, fundamentals of urban planning theory and practice, having in mind that the future graduates in Geodesy will take part in the development of urban environment. Knowledge and skills are acquired on the modern urban development of the cities and on the basic analysis of parameters of the main urban structural components. Settlements are interpreted as a developing system and their current condition is regarded in terms of their historical development context. From methodological point of view, the issues of the urban structure and its future development are considered according to the principle “form individual to general” – beginning from the individual urban components that are building the urban structure, to their composition in the urban organism. With this approach, priority is given to functional and spatial aspects.