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Diploma Thesis: Diploma Research Diploma Project Design Examination

Diploma Thesis:
   Diploma Research
   Diploma Project  Design Examination
Major Urban Planning
Faculty Faculty of Architecture
Department Urban Planning
Lead Lecturer Prof. Dr. Arch. Aleksandar Aleksandrov

The Diploma Project aims to demonstrate how the knowledge and skills acquired are used for conceptual rationalization of current urban problems, development of methodological approaches for their solution, and their application in a specific social and spatial context. The Project should be developed at two levels: (a) conceptual level – definition and rationalization of an urban problem; justification of ways for its solution; development of methodological approach for urban intervention; (b) applied level – illustration of the approach’s opportunities with a case from Bulgarian practice. Documentation should be up to 50 pages of text (20 thousand words maximum) structured in main chapters, e.g. introduction, justification of the selection and study of the problem, concept and methodological approach, practical application in a selected case, conclusion.