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Architecture and Historical Context

Architecture and Historical Context
Major Architecture
Faculty Faculty of Architecture
Department History and Theory of Architecture
Lead Lecturer Prof. D.Sc. Arch. Todor Vassilev
Additional Languages French, Russian

The knowledge in the field of town-planning and architectural design in historic towns is extended. The properties of the cultural and historic context are determined in time and space. The most current forms of legal and town-planning protection of the historic town, the principles of the town-planning regimes and preservation plans are discussed. With the help of specific examples from the world and the Bulgarian practice possible investment and urban models for preservation and sustainable development of historic centres are presented; different alternatives for planning of the urban historic environment and its management are discussed.

Photo Gallery

  • Aachen, Германия
  • Graz, Австрия
  • Madrid, Испания
  • Völklinger Hütte, Германия