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Metal Structures - Project Assignment

Metal Structures - Project Assignment

Guided by a teacher, students develop a project of metal bearing structure of one-story building. The project comprises: general composition of a building’s bearing structure for specific use and region, presented through assembly schemes and basic assembly details. The bearing structure’s members are calculated and their resistance, stability and rigidity are proved. Structural drawings for the basic members of the structure are developed. Joints and individual assembly details are designed and calculated. With this project, students gain knowledge and skills in designing of metal bearing structures



Еврокод 1, част 1-1: Основни въздействия. Плътности собствени тегла и полезни натоварвания в сгради. Национално приложение.
Тук ще откриете препоръчителните стойности на полезните (експлоатационни) натоварвания върху подове на сгради различните категории помещения. За класификацията на различните помещения вижте и Националното приложение към Еврокод 0.


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