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Contemporary American Architecture

Contemporary American Architecture
Major Architecture
Faculty Faculty of Architecture
Department Industrial Buildings
Lead Lecturer Assoc. Prof. Arch. Dimitar Andreychin
Additional Languages English, Russian, French

The course is available to all interested students. The stress in the lectures falls on the leading role of the American architecture during the last decades. The retrospective series of lectures, dedicated to the 20th century architecture discuss a wide range of problems, make historic comparisons, show the relations between current phenomena in the USA, in Europe and in Bulgaria. Each lecture is accompanied by 160 - 200 slides, projected on two screens, and video films.


Календарен план за лекциите 2013 - зимен
Програма за отворения факултативен лекционен курс през зимния семестър на 2013-14 / доц.арх. Димитър Андрейчин

A course of lectures

23-Lec-Fall-Andreychin-Bg - Color.doc
доц. арх. Димитър Андрейчин

Study materials

Contemporary American (and World) Architecture
Lectures Program for the Fall Semester 2013-14 by Dimitar Andreychin, Architect, Associate Professor