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Photogrametrical Technologies

Photogrametrical Technologies
Major Land and Real Estate Management and Planning
Faculty Faculty of Geodesy
Department Photogrammetry and Cartography
Lead Lecturer Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Borislav Marinov
Additional Languages English

This subject is aimed to provide knowledge on the main concepts, applied methods and technologies in the use of terrestrial, aerial and space photos, monochromatic and multiband images for the needs of land and real estate management and planning. The fundamentals of analytical and digital Photogrammetry are clarified as well as the basic principles and methods of remote sensing and the specific instruments for data capture and photogrammetric processing. Technology sequences for generation of topographic plans and maps, orthomaps, thematic maps, registration of digital raster data for GIS and cadastre, photogrammetric methods for terrain and artificial object spatial modeling are presented.



Конспект по фотограметрични технологии 2012-2013
проф. д-р инж. Борислав Маринов

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Аналитична фотограметрия

Фотограметрия и ДМ I

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