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Stability of Structures

Stability of Structures

 Semester: 1
Assessment: exam
Method of teaching: lectures and seminars
Total hours: 30 lectures and 30 Seminars (Academic Hours)
ECTS credits 5

The course appears to be a part of interdisciplinary profile of the modern civil engineering. The reason why it is included in curricula is that it creates opportunities to implement criteria against global and local loss of stability and contributes towards safe design and reliable structural systems. After completion of the course the students will be capable of doing stability analysis and to conclude whether the structure is safe from the viewpoint of stability or not. The use of modern computational methods and techniques for stability analysis of complex structures is also expected to be a good profit. Acquired knowledge and skills for calculation the critical load parameters, buckling modes and buckling length are very much welcome in further courses where students will design steel, timber and reinforced concrete structures.


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