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History of High Rise Buildings

History of High Rise Buildings
Major Architecture
Faculty Faculty of Architecture
Department Industrial Buildings
Lead Lecturer Assoc. Prof. Arch. Dimitar Andreychin
Additional Languages English, Russian, French

This elective course is held in the 10 (Summer) semester of studies in Architecture. The 'History of Skyscrapers' is regarded as a very important part of the World History of Architecture during the last 120 years. This is a specific view, necessary to the architects, towards the extreme achievements of architecture, structures, and building technologies since the end of the 19 century up to the present. The students are also acquainted with the creative biographies of element designers of skyscrapers throughout the world who have strongly influenced the contemporary architecture. At each lecture, some 150 slides are shown on two screens, and so are videos.


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доц. арх. Димитър Андрейчин