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Geotechnical Structures in Seismic Regions

Geotechnical Structures in Seismic Regions
Major Geotechnical Engineering
Faculty Faculty of Transportation Engineering
Department Geotechnics
Lead Lecturer Prof. Dr. Eng. Trifon Germanov

The main part of the taught course is related to the behaviour of soil massifs under seismic impacts. Special attention is paid to the laboratory and field methods for soil’s dynamic characteristics determination (initial tangential modulus, modulus of rigidity and damping coefficient), which are used for static and dynamic analysis of geotechnical structures. The methods for assessment of liquefaction of loose soil massifs are considered too. Information is given also for dynamic earth pressure and support structures behaviour in case of seismic impact. The provisions of Eurocodes (Eurocode 8) and other national regulations’ provisions for design of geotechnical structures in seismic regions are studied in detail.


Приложна геомеханика (Applied geomechanics)
Проф. д-р инж. Трифон Германов (Prof. d-r eng. T.Germanov)