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Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering

Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering
Major Structural Engineering ,
Faculty Faculty of Transportation Engineering
Department Geotechnics
Lead Lecturer Prof. Dr. Eng. Georgi Ilov
Additional Languages English

First part: Soil mechanics: Soil properties. Laboratory and field investigations of soils. Stress-strain - time and in-situ behaviour of soil massifs. Theory of ultimate limit state. Soil slopes and landslides stability. Earth pressure and retaining walls. Second part: Design of geotechnical structures: Excavations and supporting structures. Design of spread foundation's structures - single footings, plate and raft foundations. Deep foundation structures - piles and wells. Foundation structures in complicate geotechnical conditions. Elaboration of designs for elements of geotechnical structures.


Земна механика
д-р инж. ВЛАДИМИР КОСТОВ, д-р инж. Мирослав Тодоров


Конкурс за професор - Научен съвет
Проф. д-р инж. Трифон Германов