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ECTS University Information

ECTS Faculty Information

Master (MA)

Urban Planning
Bachelor (BA)

Landscape architecture
Master (MA)

Urban Planning
Master (MA) for Bachelors

Spatial Planning
Master (MA) for Bachelors

Computational and Advanced Design
Master (MA)

Опазване на културното наследство
Master (MA) for Bachelors

BIM Management and Optimization of IP/P in AEC
Master (MA) for Bachelors

Computer Laboratory - FAR

The laboratory provides training to students in the disciplines:

  • Informatics in Architecture 1 and 2;
  • Special Computer Technologies
  • and Computer-Aided Architectural Design.

Students seeking support in the computer-aided design activities for other disciplines as well are allowed to use the resources of the laboratory.

Multimedia Laboratory for Cultural Heritage

The Multimedia Laboratory for Cultural Heritage is part of the Laboratory of Information Technology at the Faculty of Architecture.