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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Arch. Boyan Georgiev

Faculty of Architecture, Department Technology of Architecture - Lecturer (retired)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Arch. Boyan Georgiev
Office Room Р213, A808
E-mail boyangeo_far@uacg.bg
Year Started 1986


1989 Six months English course ( level II and III) at the Foreign language Center at the Foreign Students Institute in Sofia
1985 Ph.D. Thesis - in the field of the implementation of CAD Systems in Architectural Design
1983 Two months studies at Hochschule für Architektur und Bauwesen, Weimar, Germany
1982-84 Postgraduate Student at the Building Construction Department at the Faculty of Architecture in Sofia
1974-79 Student at UACEG Sofia.
1969-74 School for German Language in Sofia
1962-69 Elementary School “Georgi Rakovsky” in Sofia

Language Skills

German - excellent level
English - very good level
Russian - good level

Participation in Research Projects

2007 -2008 Cultural Heritage: Education – Science – Presentation – Integrated In Tourism (HERITAGE : ESPRIT) – two years project supported by the National fund for research – http://seecorridors.com/?w_p=116&w_l=2

2004-2006 Establishment A CULTURAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL HERITAGE PRESERVATION AND PROMOTION Multimedia LAB at the UACEG – project funded by British Council Cultural and Environmental Heritage Fund for South East Europe

Other Posts and Activities

1985-continuing Regular Courses for continuing Education in Computing for Architects by the Bulgarian Union of Architects and UACEG with over 1000 Trainees
1995-03 Every summer and winter - two week courses in 2D and 3D Autocad for the Architecture students at the - Fachhochschule Stuttgart - Hochschule für Technik, Germany
1990-06 Consulting activities in the field of CAD implementation in Architectural Design for different offices in Bulgaria, UAE (Dubai), Germany (Stuttgart), Zimbabwe (Harare and Bulawayo)
1999-continuing National Expert by the Assessment of Scholarships for Bulgarian students end researchers in Germany and Swiss


2015 AlaBIM and the magic building model, CIO, 8/2015, IDG Bulgaria

2014 Software for architecture and building design - under the sign of integration between all specialties - interview for CIO, 8/2014, IDG Bulgaria
2013 To BIM or not to BIMor what is "Building Information Model" and does it gain ground in our country, CIO, 8/2013, IDG Bulgaria2
2011 - The similarities and differences between cooking, writing on a typewriter and computer design. Thoughts on learning software,,CIO, 8/2011, IDG Bulgaria
           - REVIT Architecturte 2012 - View Inside, BMG, 2011
2010 - Software for 3D modeling and visualization - with an important role in Heritage protecting, CIO, 8 / 2010, IDG Bulgaria
2009 - Virtual cultural and historical heritage, Plenary paper, the Seventh National Conference, BULGARIA - Crossroads of cultures and civilizations, November 1, 2009, Sofia, Bulgaria
-VIRTUAL TOURS and Cultural and historical heritage, International Conference, UACEG,2009
-Problems of implementation of software packages for architectural and building design, CIO, 9 / 2009, IDG Bulgaria
- Possible technological solutions for the implementation of an information infrastructure for research, training, conservation and advertising of different types of heritage – in Cultural Heritage: education - science - conservation, integrated in tourism (Heritage: ESPRIT), Varna, © E publishing LiterNet, 2009
-Training in the field of 3D modelling and digitizing of cultural heritage - in the same
-Technology for visualization of cultural and historical environment for its promotion - in the same
2008 -Cultural Heritage in: education - science - conservation, integrated tourism (Heritage: ESPRIT) - two-year project to Fund Research - Round Table - 10. 2008
2007 - REVIT Architecture 2008 - short manual
-CAD Management , CIO, 9/2007, IDG Bulgaria, 2007
-Architectural Education and Information Technologies, Architektura, 2-3/2007
-Cultural Heritage: Education – Science – Presentation – Integrated In Tourism (HERITAGE : ESPRIT), Advances in Bulgarian Science, 1, 2007, Sofia
2006 -INTERNET Technologies Implemented for Heritage Promotion and Education, INTELIGENT TECHNOLOGIES FOR REMOTE INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION Pardubice, 9-10.11.2006
-Problems by Data Transfer between different CAD Packages – CIO, 9/2006, IDG Bulgaria, 2006
-Promotion of Architectural Heritage in Southeast Europe, Regional roundtable meeting “Academic Cooperation for sustainable urban and housing development in Southeastern Europe”, 24-25 03, UACEG, Sofia
-Website Cultural Corridors of South East Europe. www.seecorridors.eu pilot realization of the project Virtual Cultural Corridors and Cultural Routes of South East Europe, Feasibility Study. Association for Cultural Tourism, EICR, Luxemburg. Team member
-Multimedia product Treasure Quest, consisting of an interactive CD and website www.heriquest.com, within the framework of the two-year project Encouraging the Use of the New Methodology in the teaching, Preservation and Promotion of Cultural and Environmental Heritage, Association for Cultural Tourism, British Council Bulgaria . Team member
2005 -Accessibility and maintenance define the success on the market of the architectural CAD Systems, CIO, 9/2005, IDG Bulgaria, 2005
-Cultural Heritage/Културно наследство – Newsletter of British Council Bulgaria, September 2005
-Multimedia Exhibition - :Cultural Heritage of South-East Europe – Varna, may 2005, . Team member
-Implementation of IT by the Cultural Heritage promotion and Education – Workshop – IT Methodologies in the Education, Preservation, and Promotion of Cultural and Environmental Heritage. Sofia, march 2005
2004 -Visualization of 3D objects - CAD/CAM World, IDG Bulgaria, 2004
-Concept, structure and design of the web site of the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria www.kab.bg , with a team
2003 -Tendencies by the Architectural CAD Sysytems - CAD/CAM World, IDG Bulgaria, 2003
2002 -The place and the content of construction education in the curriculum of the Faculty of Architecture at UACEG, Workshop at Aristotelis University, Thessaloniki, 2002

Coursework ans assignments

Задание Урбанизъм І
Боян Георгиев

Examination rules

Изисквания за курсова задача по СКТ-3DS
Боян Георгиев, Замфир Хаджийски


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