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Chief Assist. Prof. Dr. Eng. Таня Чардакова

Faculty of Structural Engineering, Department Reinforced Concrete Structures

Chief Assist. Prof. Dr. Eng. Таня  Чардакова
Office Room 431
Student Hours

Tuesday 9-10

Thursday 13-14

E-mail chardakova_fce@uacg.bg
Year Started 2016


 Reinforced Concrete Strustures

Special Reinforced Concrete Structures



Chamber of Engineers in Investment Design - Sofia

Mensa Bulgaria

More Info

Erasmus Students who wish to take the course "Reinforced Concrete Structures" or "Special Reinforced Concrete Structures" (lectures or project) should already have sufficient knowledge on statics and dynamics of structures and on the basics of design of reinforced concrete elements. Please, contact me by e-mail (chardakova_fce@uacg.bg) or in my office hours no later than the beggining of the semester, if you are interested in these courses.

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