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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Rositza Todorova

Faculty of Hydraulic Engineering, Department Hydraulic, Irrigation and Drainage Engineering - Lecturer (retired)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Rositza Todorova
Office Room A425
Phone 9635245/780
E-mail rosnik_fhe@uacg.bg
Marital Status married


1958-1964 - Master of Science in Hydraulic Engineering, Higher Institute for Architecture and Civil Engineering, Sofia.
1971-1976 - Ph.D., Institute (bpi) - Minsk, Belorussia.

Language Skills

Language Speaking Reading Writing
English 4 5 4
Russian 5 5 5

Professional Skills

Environmental impact assessment of plants and projects; Ecological education; Water quality control; Management of hydro power systems; Environmental auditing, Water economy studies, Water utilization and protection, Underground Hydraulic Structures.


Bulgarian Water Supply and Sewerage Association
Bulgarian Large Dam Society
Scientific Technical Unions in Bulgaria

Participation in Research Projects

• Consultant for development of EIA on Kavarna WPP (AES);
• Team Leader for development of EIA on Mursalitza WPP;
• Team Leader for development of EIA on TPP AES “Maritsa East 1”, Ash and Gypsum Disposal Site;
• Team Leader for development of EIA on Middle Iskar for Petrovilla – Italy
• Team Leader for development of Strategy for Promotion of Water Resource Utilization and Water Protection in R. Bulgaria: Employer – Ministry of Environment and Water (MoEW);
• Member of the team working on the part “Water Management and Environmental Protection” within “General Basin Water Management Schemes in R. Bulgaria”: Employer – MoEW;
• Member of a Task Force for development of Water Engineering Facility Design Rules: Employers – MoEW and Ministry of Economy and Energy;
• Head of a team for the development of EIA on “Maritsa East 2, Ash Dump No. 1 and the Staroselets tailings area of TPP2”; Solid, Construction and Dangerous Wastes of TPP2”, “Wastewater Treatment Station of Haskovo” (under the PHARE Program); EIA on “Maritsa East 1 – 3C AES Ash Dump Drianovo
• Head of a team for the development of EIA reports on Gorna Arda Cascade, Madan Integrated Hydro-Power System; Ardino Integrated Hydro-Power System; Tzankov Kamak Integrated Hydro-Power System; Diversion of Road III-868 in the Devin –Mihalkovo Sector, small HPS “Manastirska”, “Etropole”, “Kresna 1”, “Sajdenik”;
• Head of a team for the development of EIA on a Program for protection of the Danube and Black Sea Shore from Erosion, Abrasion and Related Landslides Processes funded by EBRD –r. Danube 2nd Sector at Dolni Tsibar, the St. Nikola Landslide in Varna Municipality;
• Consultant for development of environmental expertise reports on Gorna Arda Cascade funded by ENEL POWER – Italy, and Cherni Osam Dam funded by ENEL HYDRO – Italy;
• Participation with papers at international conferences in Tulcea, Romania on Environmental Education and its Impact on the Ecological Systems of the Danube, INTERGEO EAST – the Fifth Southeast Europe Conference in Belgrade – Serbia and Montenegro;
• Head of a team for the development of Dam and HPP, TPP and NPP Hydro-Engineering Facility Operating Procedure;


More than 45 scientific and applied research studies on water protection, water and environmental management.