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Prof. Dr. Arch. Vesselina Troeva

Faculty of Architecture, Department Urban Planning - Lecturer (retired)

Prof. Dr. Arch. Vesselina Troeva
Office Room A1006
Student Hours Tuesday 10.00 AM - 12.00 AM
Phone 029800308
Fax 028853951
E-mail vtroeva_far@uacg.bg
Marital Status married
Year Started - Year Left 1971 - 2011


006.01 Landscape architecture - MA programme, Faculty of Architecture - 3rd year
013.04.06 Landscape planning - MA programme, Faculty of Architecture - 5th year
001.01 Introduction to Planning - BSc in Planning, Faculty of Atchitecture - 1st year - course leader
006.07 Landscape Architecture, optional - BSc in Planning, Faculty of Architecture - 2nd year
002.02 Contemporary Europe - BSc in Planning, Faculty of Architecture - 2nd year
002.06 Urban regeneration - BSc in Planning, Faculty of Architecture - 4th year
004.05 Integrated Coastal Zones Management (ICZM), optional - MSc in Planning - 1st year


Institution:University of Arizona/University of National and World Economics, Sofia, Bulgaria
Date:September 1991 – July 1992
Degree obtained:Professional Development Certificate in Business Management and Economics
Institution:Higher Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Sofia, Bulgaria
Date:September 1980 - March 1985
Degree obtained:PhD in Architecture (Landscape planning)
Institution:Manchester University, Department of Town and Country Planning, UK
Date:September 1976 - May 1977
Degree obtained:Visiting postgraduate student in Landscape Design programme;
Institution:Higher Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Sofia, Bulgaria
Date:September 1963 - June 1968
Degree obtained:MA in Architecture (Civil Buildings)

Language Skills


Professional Skills

•A degree in and solid experience in urban planning, landscape architecture and planning, urban regeneration and tourism planning;
•Academic experience in Curriculum development and syllabus elaboration; lectures preparation and delivery incl. lecturing in English; tutorials with all degree students incl. PhD; Curriculum development;
•Expert in programme and major accreditation; Knowledge and experience in higher education management;
•Good knowledge and experience in urban regeneration and development projects at all stages of the project cycle (project identification and feasibility, project design, implementation, monitoring & assessment, evaluation); Familiarity with integrated urban development;
•Experience in conducting complex Environmental Impact Assessments and Strategic Environmental Assessments of policies, plans and programmes; Register expert at MoEW;
•Ability to collect, systematize and analyze significant volumes of information/data;
•Excellent facilitation, communication, drafting and reporting skills (oral and written);
•Computer literacy (MS Office applications, ArcView, E-mail, Internet);

Science Interests

Integrated Planning
Urban Regeneration
Strategic Environmental Assessment, EIA
Landscape planning and management
Tourism Planning
City Marketing
Higher Еducation management


• Chamber of Bulgarian Architects, Reg. № 00342 – Full Professional Qualification Recognition.
• Union of Bulgarian Architects (UBA) – from 1968.
Member of the Managing Committee (2001 – 2007), Chair of the “Education and Professional Practice” Commission (2001-2004), Chair of the International Affairs Commission (2004-2007).
• International Union of Architects (UIA)
Member of the WGs “Education” and “UIA and UNESCO Charter – schools of architecture accreditation” (2001 – 2005), Member of the WG “Tourism and Architecture” – ІІ Region (2001 – 2007).
• Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI), UK –honorary membership (2002-2007)
• Association of the European Schools of Planning (AESOP) – from 1992
CoR member (1992-1996, 2000 – 2005), Best publication Award Commission – from 2003, Junior Vice President (1996-1998).
• Association of the Schools of Tourism, Leisure and Arts (ATLAS) – from 1992, CoR member (1992 – 1996).
• Council of Rectors in Europe (CRE) – UACG representative, (1995 – 1999).
• European Association for International Education (EAIE) – UACG representative, (1995 – 1999).
• Association of the Business colleges in Bulgaria (HELP) – foundation and managing committee member (1992 – 1994), President (1994 – 1997).
• “Man and Nature” NGO – foundation member and management committee member (1994- 1998)

Participation in Research Projects

1. 2005 – 2009 - COST C20 “Urban Knowledge Arena”, ndtional coordinator, member of MC and WG2 chair
2. 2003 – present - Thematic network LE:NOTRE “Landscape Education: New Opportunities for Training and Research in Europe” – ERASMUS SOCRATES Project No104368-СР-1-2004-1-ERASMUS-TN – UACG contact person
3. 2003-2005 EU 5th framework programme, Contract No EVK4-2002- 00101 “Practical Environmental Tools for Urban Sustainability (PETUS), UACG working group member;
4. 2003-2005 - INTERREG III B CADSES Contract No 2A051 “Regional Integration and Metropolitan Development in Southestern Europe (RIMED) – Bulgarian working group member.
5. 2003 – “The scope of plans and programmes for EA in Bulgaria”, - Contractor Ministry of the Environment and Waters, Bulgaria and Austrian Ministry of Foreign affairs - member of the expert group.

Participation in Design Projects

2009 - 2010 - Regional Development strategic plan for the municipalities of Plovdiv, Maritza, Rodopi, Sadovo and Kuklen; Contractor Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works - team leader
2008 - 2009 - Specialised Development plan for Mini Maritza Iztok EAD;Contractor Mini Maritza Iztok LtD; MAPEX LtD team member;
2008 - 2009 - Detailed plan of the Sea Gardens, Corner Area, Sarafovo, Bourgas - team leader;
2008 - Detailed plan of groups of plots in the town of Ardino, Ardino Municipality, Contractor Ardino Municipality - team leader;
2007 – 2008 – Detailed plan of the vacation village “Shtonova hut”, municipality of Chepelare; Contractor „Simeta 94” Ltd. Team leader;
2007 – Main shopping street, resort Pamporovo, Preliminary study, Contractor Chepelare municipality, team leader;
2007 – Oaks spring golf village, Stambolovo municipality, preliminary study, Contractor “Oaks springs” Ltd, team leader;
2007 - Detailed plan of the Wind energy park in the lands of the villages Balgarevo, St Nikola, H. Dimiter, P. Chunchevo, Kavarna Municipality, Contractor „A&S GeoEnergy” Ltd, team leader;
2006 – 2007 – Development plan of the resort Pamporovo, amendment of Chepelare Municipality part, Contractor Ministry of Regional Development and Publik Works (MRDPW), team leader;
2006 – 2007 – Land use plan municipality of Bourgas amendments and detailed plan of the Corner area, Sarafovo suburb, Bourgas, Contractor Bourgas municipality, team leader;
2006 – 2007 – Master paln of the Sport and tourism centre “Perelik” amendments, Contractors Smoljan municipality and STC “Perelik”, team leader;
2006 – 2007 – ОУП на КТЛ „Искровете- Говедарци- Мальовица”, Община Самоков, ръководител колектив;
2006 - 2007 – master plan of a tourism agglomeration “Iskrovete-Govedarzi-Maliovitza” Municipality of Samokov, team leader;
2005 – 2007 - Upgrading the Development plan of the national ski resort Pamporovo, Municiplaity of Smolyan part, Contractor Smolyan municipality, team leader
2005 - 2006 – Master plan and a detailed plan for the first phase of a new vacation village and golf course in the municipality of Sozopol, village of Rosen, team leader
2005 – Comprehensive development plan of the city of Plovdiv, Theme No 65 Norms and regulations of the Comprehensive Development plan of the city of Plovdiv, Leading standards and indicators for functional zones, Contractor “Cityplan” Ltd, tream leader;
2005 – 2007 - Development plans for 3 Wind mills parks at the municipality of Kavarna, team leader, Contractor GeoPower Ltd;
2004 – Marketing strategy of the city of Sofia, Contractor Sofia Municipality Divison for the Master plan of Sofia, team leader;
2003 – Development plan of the ski centre Chepelare; Contractor Chepelare Municipality, team leader;
2001 – The town of Chepelare and its suburban area - tourism development concept – team leader; Contractor Chepelare Municipality; team leader;
2000 - Predela Kulinoto tourism and recreation zone development plan, Contractor Ministry of Regional Development, consultant;
1999-2000 - Hydro-complex Gorna Arda, Bulgaria - Landscape management plan, Contractor National Electrical Energy Company; Consultant, Union of Bulgarian Architects annual award;
1998-1999 - Pamporovo resort Development Plan, Ministry of Regional Development contract; team leader, Union of Bulgarian Architects annual award;
1996 - 1997 - Land Use Plan of Sozopol municipality, Bulgaria, Contractors World Bank and Ministry of Regional Developemnt and Public Works; team leader, Union of Bulgarian Architects annual award
1994 - Development plan of the tourism agglomeration “Pamporovo”, brief; Ministry of Regional Development and construction contract, team leader;
1993 - Reconstruction, landscape design and facilities management of the central area after demolition of George Dimitrov's Mausoleum, Sofia;
1980 - 1990 - Landscape plan for Silistra Region (in team); Housing Landscape of the residential complex "Mladost" in Sofia; Complex for Students' Recreation near Melnik (in team); Landscape plan for Rila mountain National park; Landscape plan for the Central Balkans - quality control architect; Landscape Design for the Film Studio Creativity House on the Black Sea Coast; Reconstruction of the Children's Central Palace Park in Sofia (I phase, team leader);
1973 - 1980 - Settlements system Nevestino - Regional Development Plan (in team); Master plan of the village of Nevestino (in team); Residential areas projects;
1968 - 1973 - Holiday house of Bulgarian Hunting Union near Sevlievo (built); Reconstruction of the Hospital in Aytoss (built); Block of flats in Sliven (built); Group of 20-stories blocks of flats in Bourgas (built); Block of flats in the city centre of Bourgas - lift-slab system (built); Coastal fortification of Nesseber and Bourgas (I phase in team);
2000 - Comprehensive Development plan of the capital city of Sofia - I prize for the overall concept and a special prize for the transportation schemes - in team;
2000 - River Jantra within the boundaries of Veliko Turnovo - Landscape plan - I prize in team;
1996 - World Bank Tender for the Bulgarian Black sea coast municipalities development plans - Sozopol municipality
1993 - Balkanbank regional branch in Veliko Turnovo (consultant).
1989 - Reconstruction of a residential area in the city centre of Plovdiv (3000 inhabitants), (consultant).
1980 - Sofia after 50 years - III price (team leader).
1979 - Centre of the village of Lozen and House of Culture - III price (team leader).
1975 - Research Complex of the Bulgarian Academy of Science and Sofia University - II price (in team).
1974 - Higher Institute of Pedagogy in Shumen - master plan - I price (in team).
1972 - Memorial Complex "Botev's Alley" - II price (in team).
1971 - Architecture and Leisure - I price (in team).
1968 - Park "Galata", Varna - I price (in team).
Environmental Impact Assessments
2009 - 2010 - ЕIA of the Northern Motorway from km 0+000 to km 16+460, Sofia municipality - team leader
2008 - 2009 - SEA of the Comprehensive development Plan of the city of Sofia and Sofia municipality ammendments, team leader;
2006 – EIA of the ski facilities in the parcels № 900001 и № 900002, lands of Treshtenik, town of Jakoruda
2004-2005 - EA of the Master plan of the ski complex "Samokov-Borovez- Beli Iskar" – team leader;
2002 – 2003 EIA of the Comprehensive development plan of Sofia city and Sofia Municipality – team leader;
2003 – EIA of the alternative proposals for a municipality landfill sites at Botevgrad, (Landscape and cultural heritage) – in team;
2002 – EIA of the project for a landfill site, Roman (Landscape) – in team;
2002 – EIA of the project for a Regional landfill site, Zlatitza Pirdop, (Landscape) – in team;
1999 – EIA of the project for reconstruction and modernisation of the existing incinerator of the Academy of Medicine, Sofia (Landscape, Heritage and Urban planning components) – in team;
1998 - EIA of the cupper mine “Assarel-Medet” Ltd (Landscape and Cultural heritage – in team;
1998 – EIA of the transportation link - Derventa alternative I-6 Check point Gueshevo (Landscape and Cultural heritage) – in team;
1998 – EIA of the general plan of a small recreation compex with a farm, Samoranovo village, Markov stone area (Landscape) – in team;
1997 - EIA of the Ferry complex of Tutracan - (Landscape and Cultural heritage) – in team.

Participation in International Projects

1. 2010-2011 - Regional Staregic Development Framework Sofia-Nis-Skopjie Euroregion programme EuroBalkans - team leader;
2. 2010-2013 - LLL Erasmus Intensive programme - Urban Projects Workshops and Responsible Design (UPWARD) - contact person for UACG;
3. 2009-2010 - Children's City Culture Concept (4C) - British Council Creative Collaborations regional programme - project coordinator
4. 2008 - Creative Collaborations, British Council programme, participation in the seminar “Аrt and Public Space… Who is Shaping the City and for Whom?”, Bucharest, Romania, 14-16 May 2008
5. 2005-2009 - COST C20 "Urban Knowledge Arena", Action coordinator for Bulgaria, Member of MC and WG2 chair.
6. 2003-2006 – Thematic Network LE:NOTRE “Landscape Education:New Opportunities for Training and Research in Europe” – ERASMUS SOCRATES Project No104368-СР-1-2004-1-ERASMUS-TN – participants from more than 100 universities from 30 countries.
7. 2003-2005 - Leonardo da Vinci Contract Number BG/03/B/F/PP – 166038 “Training in marketing and application of Internet for promotion of Tourism resources” – Kavarna Municipality, Luton University, ASSET Technology, Athens, International Business Concultancy, Sofia, UACG – coordinator for UACG.
8. 2003-2005 Fifth EU Framework Research Programme Contract No EVK4-2002- 00101 “Practical Environmental Tools for Urban Sustainability (PETUS), member of the experts team from UACG;
9. 2003-2005 - INTERREG III B CADSES Contract No 2A051 “Regional Integration and Metropolitan Development in Southestern Europe (RIMED) – Partners:University of Thessaly, SEED Centre, Geece, Democritus University of Thrace, Greece, Bulgarian Acadmy of Science, Universityof Tirana, Ciril I Methodius University, FYROM, Institute of Economics, Scopie, Institute of Labor, Tirana, Prefecture of Tirana, Sofia Municipality, Scopie Municipality.
10. 2003 – The scope of plans and programmes for EA in Bulgaria, Ministry of Environment and Waters in Bulgaria and Austrian Foreign affairs Ministry project for transposition of the EU Directive 42/2001 in Bulgaria, member of the expert group;
11. 2001 - 2002 - "Implementation of the Ecological Assessment of Plans and Programmes in Bulgaria" - consultant, Ministry of the Environment and Waters, Bulgaria, Povvik, Ltd Bulgaria and DHV Ltd, The Netherlands;
12. 2001 - 2003 - SCOPES "Sustainable Management of Tourism Resources" - consultant, Bulgarian Academy of Science, University of St. Galen, Switzerland;
13. 2002 – Ministry of Education and Centre for higher education policy studies (CHEPS) University of Twente, Netherlands “Improving policy for self-evaluation and external evaluation in higher education in the Russian Federation” – member of the expert group for evaluation of LETI, St Peterburgh, June 2002
14. 1999- 2000 - Multicountry programme PHARE ZZ97.27.02 European Dimensions of the Institutional Quality Management - team leader for the project group of the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy;
15.1997 - 2000 - TEMPUS JEP 12540-97 European BSc Planning Programme Contractor and Coordinator, ECA, Herriot Watt University Edinburgh UK and UCD, Dublin, Ireland. - programme accreditation March 2002
16.1996 - TEMPUS Outputs Promotion Project on University Management: (TOP 4) Member of the Expert group in the Site visit Programme for Slovenia and Albania - CRE and ETF;
17.1994 - 1997 - TEMPUS S JEP-07312-94 - Development of an Interuniversity Centre for International Modular Masters of Management (coordinator for the UACEG);
18.1996-1998 - World Bank and Ministry of Regional Development and Publik works programme for Integrated Coastal Zones management - Union of Bulgarian Architects Annual Award for the Development Plan of Sozopol Municipality;
19.1992 - 1995 - TEMPUS Project JEP-0779/92-95. Environmental protection, management, new technologies and CAD (scientific coordinator for UACG);
20.1991 - 1994 - TEMPUS Project JEP-1564/91-94 Bulgarian Open Learning System (BONYS);
21.1991 - 1994 - TEMPUS Project JEP-2379/91/1-94 "Structural Overhaul of Business Education in Bulgaria"; Team-leader for developing teaching materials and retraining teachers from the Business Colleges in Bulgaria (1992-2000).
22. 1991-1992 - USIA "Training the trainers" programme - University of Arizona - University of National and World Economics, Sofia - Business management, economics and entrepreneurship;
23. May-June 1987 USIA Fulbright Multyregional programme "US city centres reviatlization- urban planning and design"

Academic Positions

Head of Urban Planning Department (2000-2008)
Member of the Faculty Council (1973 - present)
Mamber of the Academic Council of the University (1995 - present)
Member of the Presidium of the State Sertificate Commission at the Council of Ministers (2006 - present)

Science Keywords

Member of the Scientific council of the Architectural science Centre, BAS - from 2008 - present
Member of the Consultancy Council of the UNDP Rio Conventions project - from 2008
EC Advisory committee on education and training in the field of architecture - from 2006 - 2007
Editorial board member "Planning Theory and Practice" - from 2003 - 2009
Editorial board member "Architecture" journal - from 1989 - present
Presidium of the State Certifying Commission at the Council of ministers from 2006 - present
Scientific Council of Architecture at the State Certifying Commission (1991 - 2006)
National Accreditation and Evaluation Agency expert (2005-2006)
Expert Interministerial Commission at the Ministry of the Environment and Waters member(1999 -2002)
National TEMPUS Consultative Committee member (1996 - 1998)
Editorial board member, Annual of the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy (1992-1997)
Supreme expert council member at the Ministry of Regional Development and Public works (1992-1993)

Other Posts and Activities

Urban Knowledge management
Landscape planning
Landscape architecture
Urban regeneration
Higher education management


Troeva, V. (2008) "An Attempt to Facilitate the Urban Knowledge Arena", paper presented at the 4th AESOP-ACSP joint Congress, July 2008, Chicago.
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More Info

1. 2009 - "Chldren's City Culture Concept" (4C)- British Council Creative Collaborations programme grant - project initiator and coordinator;
2. 2008 - Participation in British Council Open Space Technology Seminars “Art and Public Space… Who is Shaping the City and for Whom?” Bucharest, 14th-16th May 2008
3. 2008 - Participation in the Regional Conference "Shifting Planning Culture in SEE: Development of Strategic Approaches in Urban Planning" 18th – 20th April 2008, Ohrid