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Contemporary Architectural Technology - Master (MA) for Masters

Contemporary Architectural Technology
Faculty Faculty of Architecture

1 Hr. Smirnenski Blvd.
Sofia 1046, Bulgaria

Phone (+359 2) 963 52 45/666; +359 88 495 1079
Fax (+359 2) 865 31 48
E-mail dean_far@uacg.bg

The Master program "Contemporary Architectural Technology" is developed by the Department "Building Construction" at the Faculty of Architecture, UACEG.

The training for acquiring professional qualification "Contemporary Architectural Technology" in Master’s Degree has to prepare professionals (architects) in the current issues of modern architectural technology. The Master program is established to build on the resulting base in this area of completed
education – Master’s Degree of Architecture.

Upgrading and expanding the knowledge and the training of specialists - architects, requires substantial knowledge base in the professional field and good English level.

During the course students will be taught with the relevant aspects and problems in the field of:

  • Architectural lighting;
  • Architectural acoustics;
  • Light membrane structures;
  • Problems of the facade envelope, contemporary roof solutions, floors, walls and more.
  • Specific contemporary solutions for building reconstructions;
  • Energy efficient buildings and more.

The program includes lectures on the listed issues and projects, designed in specific contemporary solutions. In order to gain the best possible practical skills in designing, the program also provides specialized course in computer technology - three-dimensional visualization and architectural drawing.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Arch. Mariana Tzvetkova – program coordinator
Department "Building Construction", Faculty of Architecture
phone: +359 2 963-52-45