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Programming and Application of Computer Systems

Programming and Application of Computer Systems
Major Transportation Engineering
Faculty Faculty of Structural Engineering
Department Computer-Aided Engineering
Lead Lecturer Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Guergana Mollova

The syllabus of discipline "Programming and application of computer systems" includes the main concepts of informatics, computer hardware and software, principles for design and types of operational systems (Windows), work with interpreter, compilers and linkage editors. The main aspects of programming with MS Visual C++ are considered: variables and types of data, arithmetical, logical and relational operations, main operators, functions, objects, classes, input-output operators, etc.

Study materials

ПИИС - С++; задачи за упражненията
гл. ас. Стоянка Иванова

Coursework ans assignments

Примерна курсова задача по ПИИС (C++) в 3 етапа
гл. ас. д-р арх. Стоянка Иванова

Examination rules