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Prof. Dr. Eng. Dimitar Dimov

Faculty of Structural Engineering, Reinforced Concrete Structures - Lecturer (retired)

Prof. Dr. Eng. Dimitar Dimov
Office Room B452
Student Hours Tuesday, 10-12H, room 452
Phone 9635245/461; ddimov@eurocode2.bg
E-mail dimov_fce@uacg.bg
Year Started 1976


Investigation and testing of Structures, Structural Engineering and Transportation Engineering, 4-th year


College of Civil Engineering, V. Tarnovo, Bulgaria, 1964-1968;
UACEG, Sofia, Bulgaria, MSc (Civil Eng.), 1968-1973;
INSA, Toulouse, France, 1981;
UACEG, Sofia, Bulgaria, Dr. Eng. (Structure Eng.), 1984-1987;

Language Skills

English: speaking, reading and writing - good
French: speaking, reading and writing - good
Russian: speaking, reading and writing - verry good

Professional Skills

34 years Lecturing and students laboratory works in Diagnostic and Experimental Tests of Structures and Bridges;
In situ Diagnostic, Investigation and Assessment the technical state, recommendation and decision for rehabilitation and renovation of existing old Structures and Bridges;
In situ Static & Dynamic Testing for determination of the really behaviour and service life of new-built Bridges and Structures;
Design and supervision of construction of Bridges and Building Structures.

Science Interests

Investigation of stressed and deformed state and craks resistance of elements and structures from reinforced concrete and prestressed reinforced concrete at various loads and effects; Non destructive tests and diagnostics with application of ultrasonic, mechanicala magnetic and other methods, in connection with studying and assessment of technical state, reliability and restoration of buildings, bridges and structural equipments;

Science Activity

69 Published Articles,
• 14 in the field of the R/C and Partially Prestressed Concrete elements - behaviour in bending; under high temperature influences; long term of loading; crack resistance; strains and stresses;
• 26 in the field of Non-destructive Testing of Concrete - Analysis of methods, application of the Ultrasonic, Rigidity and others methods;
• 15 in the field of Diagnostics, Investigation, Assessment and Evaluation, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Structures and Bridges;
• 12 in the field of Experimental Tests of Structures and Bridges - Transverse distribution of Loads; Topical problems in Standard life; Influence of long time of loading, temperature and humidity on deformations and others;
• 2 in the field of Civil Engineering Higher Education.


Federation of Technical Associations in Bulgaria - since 1976;
Union of Scientists in Bulgaria - since 1981;
Bulgarian Society of NDT - since establishing in September 2000;
Chamber of Structural Engineers of Bulgaria - since establishing in November 2003

Participation in Research Projects

30 Research works in the field of Theoretical and Practical Investigations of Technical State and Behaviour of Elements and Structures from R/C and Prestressed R/C under various Static and Variable Loads and Effects.

Participation in Design Projects

More 400 Experts’ Reports in the field of the Diagnostic, Investigation & NDT on Concrete and Steel of different Structures and Bridges:
Design and supervision of construction of Roads, Bridges and Structures, the most important of which are:
• Sofia Underground - design of R/C Retaining Walls and Framed Structures
• Supervision of Road construction Works: G. Delchev-Dobrotino-Papaz Chair
• Design of Pedestrian underpasses along P. Slaveykov blvd in Sofia;
• Design of Railway prestressed concrete Bridge with 25 m span along the network Sofia-Plovdiv;
• Loading tests of steel and prestressed & R/C Under Crane Beams in big engineering works in Sofia and Pernik;
• In situ serviceability tests of Highway Fly-over on Lenin blvd. in Sofia (466 m total length);
• In situ serviceability testing of Highway Bridge in Rastan, Syria with 520 m total length;
• Investigations on stresses and strains in R/C Structures of the Road Tunnel “Vitinya” with 1150 m length;
• Proof loading of Motorway R/C multi-span Bridge (5x20m) near Burgas, Bulgaria;
• Static & Dynamic Proof loading of Railway Overpass along the network Dontchevo - Tolbuhin, Bulgaria;
• In situ serviceability testing of 2 Highway Overpasses on “Bulgaria” blvd & “Okolovrasten Pat” in Sofia;
• In situ Accepting testing of Highway Overpass on “Bulgaria” blvd in “Manastirski Livadi” place in Sofia.
In situ Static & Dynamic Accepting Testing for determination of the really behaviour and service life of new-built Bridges and Structures, of which, the most considerable are:
• Dynamic Vibration Tests of Foundations for K102A and K102B Compressors in Lukoil Neftohim Burgas, 12.2008;
• Multi-span Railway Fly-over near Radnevo, Bulgaria;
• Dynamic Testing of multi-storey Hospital Building in Burgas, Bulgaria]
• New road subway on Railway Arial “Poduene” in Sofia;
• Reconstructed Traffic Subway of Railway Arial “Poduene” in Sofia;
• Motorway Fly-over on the B. Magesnik Str. in Sofia;
In situ Diagnostic, Investigation and Assessment the technical state, recommendation and decision for rehabilitation and renovation of existing old Structures and Bridges, of which the most important are:
• Railway bridges at km 301+700, 302+210, 302+585, 302+880, 314+093 and 314+305 of the site: Electrification and reconstruction of railway Svilengrad – Turkish’s boundery.
• Investigation and assessment of the technical state and decision for restoration of the normal operation of Foundation for K102A Compressor in Lukoil Neftohim Burgas, 09.2008;
• Tunnel structure from km 10+540 to km 12+132 of site: Extension of Sofia’s Metropolitan – “Metrosection 9-10”
• Highway Fly-over “Chavdar” in Sofia;
• Railway Overpass in Pleven, Bulgaria;
• Bearings of Danube Bridge near Russe, Bulgaria;
• Structure of Production Buildings of “Mraz” AD Sofia;
• Frame bearing structure of Department “Synthetic Dye” of Bulcolor OOD Kostenetz, Bulgaria;
• R/C Slabs Prefabricated elements of multi-storey Hotel in a resort complex “Jamal”, Russia;
• Steam Power Plant’s Chimney of “Vidachim” EAD, with height 120 m, Bulgaria;
• 3 Atomic Power Plant’s Ventilating chimneys of “Kozlodui” with height 150 m;
• Lots of Town Bridges & Overpass in Sofia - on “Vladayska” River & “Tzar Simeon” str; “Vladayska” River & “Pirotska” str; “Vladayska” River & “Voskresenie” str; “Vladayska” River & “Tri Uchi” str; “Slivnitza” blvd & “Rakovski” str; “Tzarigradsko Chose” blvd & “Al. Malinov” blvd; over network Sofia-Plovdiv next to Airport Sofia, etz;
• 2 Railway Arch Bridges along the network Jambol-Elchovo, Bulgaria;
• New office Building of British Embassy in Sofia at “Moskovska” street No9, Aug 2000 – Picking up and laboratory testing of concrete cores from reinforced concrete elements;
• Central office of Hipofferains Bank at “Aksakov” street No5 in Sofia, 2002;
• Hotel “Orhideia -91” in Dragalevtziq Sofia;
• Rest house of BNB in Smolian, 2002;
• Reconstruction of the office building of T Bank “Hebros” in Plovdiv;
• Reconstruction of the Sofia Central Railway Station Square
Scientific researches, design works and experimental tests of Structures & Bridges, of which the most considerable are:
• In situ testing the integrity of the drilling reinforced concrete piles for the piers and columns of the bridge over the river “Mechka”, at the 203+744 km of site: “Plovdiv – Svilengrad Railway Electrification and Upgrade Of Corridors IV And IX Phase II: PARVOMAJ – SVILENGRAD”;
• Full scale testing with static proof loading of drilling micropiles of site: Reconstruction of Radisson SAS Hotel in Sofia;
• Full scale testing of micropiles of site: Extension of Sofia’s Metropolitan – Metrostation 7;
• In situ stability and serviceability testing of road overpass at “B. Magesnik” Str. in Sofia;
• In situ stability and serviceability testing of Structures of Highway Fly-over on “Festivalen” blvd in Sofia (2110 m total length, span 100 m);
• Investigations of deflection, stresses and strains in the R/C Structures of Radio TV Tower Sofia (168 m height);
• In situ serviceability loading test of Highway Prestressed Concrete Fly-over, with 400 m length, on “Vl. Vazov” blvd in Sofia;
• Loading static & dynamic tests of old Highway R/C Bridges along “Slivnitza” blvd and “Tzv. Radoynov” blvd in Sofia;
• Dynamic testing of R/C Grid Floor Structure of 6 storey Industrial Building in Plovdiv, Bulgaria;
• Investigation of technical state and Dynamic testing of R/C Frame Structure of Industrial Building in “Slantze BT” AD St. Zagora, Bulgaria;

Academic Positions

Assoc. Prof. (Investigation and Testing of Structures and Bridges) in Faculty of Structural Engineering of University of Architecture,Civil Engineering and Geodesy (UACEG), Sofia, Bulgaria

Science Keywords

Vice Dean of Foreign Students of UACEG - from 1995 to 2000;
Dean of Foreign Students - from 2000 to 2009;
Chef of Departement "Certification" of Direction "Astimation of conformity of Structural Products and publication of Bulgarian Technical Epruvements" at RDC of UACEG - from 2004 to 2008;
Expert of the Permenent Commission at Ministry of Education for Recognized of Diplomas Received in other Countries - from 2000 to 2006;
Member of the Permenent Commission at Ministry of Education for Recognized of Diplomas Received in other Countries - from 2006 to 2010;

Other Posts and Activities

Non-destructive testing, diagnostic, investigation, proof loading tests, monitoring, serviceability, security, reliability


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40. Donchev T., D. Dimov. Influence of the degree of prestressing on the development of Cracks in R/C Beams under high temperatures, Vol. 2-nd RILEM International Conference on “Diagnosis of Concrete Structures”, October, 1996, Bratislava, Slovakia.
52. Dimov D. Application of Non-Destructive Testing and Diagnostics in Investigating and Evaluating the Technical State of the Existing Reinforced Concrete Structures in Bulgaria, International Symposium “Non-Destructive Testing in Civil Engineering (NDT-CE), Berlin, Germany, September 16-19, 2003.
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68. Donchev T., M. Ibsen, E. Bromhead, D. Dimov, Enquiry based learning and possible applications in non-destructive testing based projects, ХХV НК с международно участие “Дни на безразрушителния контрол’ Дефектоскопия 2010”, Созопол, 13-17 юни 2010.


Coursework ans assignments

Курсови протоколи по ОбИСК-ТС'17
проф. д-р инж. Д. Димов

Photo Gallery

  • Натурно статично изпитване на Дунав мост 2, 2012г.
  • Разположение на изпитвателните товари върху един от 180м. отвори на Дунав мост 2
  • Авария на стар пътен мост над р. Б. Вит в с. Рибарица, общ.Тетевен през есента на 2013г.
  • Натурно изпитване на новия мост с комбинирана стомано-стоманобетонна връхна конструкция
  • Авария на пътен мост над р. Върлещица в с. Първенец, Пловдивско, поради подравяне на междинната опора
  • Статично изпитване на ж.п. мост над р. Дерман дере в кв. Прослав, гр. Пловдив, проведено през м. ноември 2015г.
  • Екипът провел натурното изпитване
  • Преносими виброизмерители, използвани при динамичното изпитване на ж.п. мостове


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