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About the University

The university was founded as a Higher Technical School in 1942 in 1945 it was transformed into a State Polytechnic. In 1953 Engineering-Construction Institute (ISI) was formed , which in 1963 was renamed to the Higher Institute of Engineering and Construction, and in 1977 - the Higher Institute of Architecture and Construction (VIAS).


On July 21, 1995 by decision of the National Assembly VIAS was transformed into the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy (UACEG).

Number of students: 5000

(including part time 486, 352 foreign students and 50 doctoral students).

Academic staff

regular faculty - 364

(including 25 professors, 147 associate professors, 168 assistant professors, 24 lecturers, 250 of them are Doctors of Sciences).

Academic staff

part-time faculty - 212

with doctoral degrees - 60.


For the duration of its existence, the University has prepared more than 5700 architects and 25,000 engineers.

In five faculties - Architecture, Civil engeneering, Hydraulic Engineering, Geodesy, Transportation Engeneering and 33 departments senior executives are educated in the following majors: Architecture, Urban Planning, Structural Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Water Supply and Sewerage, and Geodesy.