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University of Lichtenstein

University of Lichtenstein
Subject Area

Архитектурен факултет, без ЛАЛП


The University of Liechtenstein is an internationally recognised university, top-rated owing to its cultivation of the close connection between study and practice. The university is a foundation under public law, which allows it to fulfil its performance mandate autonomously and flexibly (Law on the University of Liechtenstein of 25 November 2004).

The content of the education and transfer offerings is geared to societal needs and business demands. Its key aspects (Architecture and Planning, Business Economics) are in the fields of Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degree programmes, continuing education, research and development or technology and knowledge transfer. Approximately 1.200 students are registered in the Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral degree programmes, Executive Master’s and post-graduate programmes, as well as university courses of study either full-time or in a continuing education capacity. These educational offerings are interdisciplinary and aligned with international decision-making and responsibility expertise.


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Website http://www.uni.li

Faculties and Majors

Faculty / Major Faculty of Architecture / Architecture - Master (MA)
Nr Students 2
Duration 10
Study Cycle 2
Language Requirements EN/DE/B2
Nr Lecturers 1
Application Terms

Номинация и кандидатстване:

15/04 - 01/11

Contact Data - Exchange University

Trudi Ackermann, MA,  trudi.ackermann@uni.li

ECTS Hochschulkoordination

Telefon +423 265 11 03
Fax +423 265 12 65

Mirjana Schädler, mirjana.schaedler@uni.li

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Beraterin Austauschprogramme
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Hilde Zimmermann

Beraterin Austauschprogramme
International Office
Beraterin Austauschprogramme
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Contact Data - UACEG

Erasmus Coordinator, Faculty of Architecture:
Chief Assist. Prof. Dr. Arch. Nora YORDANOVA