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Cracow University of Technology

Cracow University of Technology
Subject Area

Архитектурен факултет, вкл. ЛАЛП


By relating to great academic traditions, such as seeking the truth, respect for knowledge and skills, reliable spreading of the above, open-mindedness towards new ideas, respecting the dignity and civil rights of all people and also respecting the academic freedom, the Cracow University of Technology:

educates highly qualified engineers who can cope with national and global industry challenges,
educates academic staff by supporting the development of their scientific passion and their participation in national and international scientific exchange,
serves the economy and the whole society by solving technical and technological problems and by implementing scientific studies into economic practice.

By realising its goals the University of Technology Works towards creating a national, European and global space for research and education. It thrives towards interdisciplinary studies and research, combining technical science with mathematical, environmental, economical, legal and social sciences, using information technologies. It develops the ability to self-educate in students, giving them a good basis for work on the modern market, arising with the development of civilization.

The society of the University of Technology, consisting of students, academic staff and graduates takes it as a key responsibility to show respect for their University and fighting all signs of evil and wrongness. It sees the feeling of community as the highest asset, by also respecting individual views, rights and aspirations of all the members. By that it builds a good name for the University, strengthens the academic code. Accomplishing the mission of the Cracow University of Technology is possible thanks to:

rich traditions in engineering and experience gained since the creation of the original university faculties in 1945,
highly qualified academic staff, strengthening the position of the university and constantly developing its profile,
modern equipment in laboratories and lecture halls,
generations of students participating in the life of the University, curious and assiduous in gaining and developing knowledge and their abilities.

Website http://www.pk.edu.pl

Faculties and Majors

Faculty / Major Faculty of Architecture / Architecture - Master (MA)
Nr Students 6
Duration 10
Study Cycle 1,2
Language Requirements EN/B1-B2
Nr Lecturers 2
Application Terms

Nomination deadlines:

Winter semester and whole year: 30/04/2024


Application deadlines:

Winter semester and whole year: 31/05/2024

Spring semester: 20/11/2024

Contact Data - Exchange University

Erasmus Institional coordinator, MGR. Daria Majka-Sitko, erasmus@pk.edu.pl, dr ini. Arch. Justyna Tarajko-Kowalska - Departmental Coordinator - Faculty of Architecture, erasmus wa@hotmail.com


Nomination form: here

Contact Data - UACEG

Erasmus Coordinator, Faculty of Architecture:
Chief Assist. Prof. Dr. Arch. Nora YORDANOVA