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University of Osijek

University of Osijek
Subject Area

Строителен факултет

Транспортен факултет


Today the University of Osijek (official abbreviation: UNIOS) is developing into a modern European higher education institution. It acts as a regional center of knowledge, research and excellence.

UNIOS consists of
11 faculties,
5 University departments,
1 Academy of Arts

UNIOS organizes studies at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level in the following fields: natural sciences, technical sciences, biomedicine and medicine, biotechnical sciences, social sciences, humanities and arts. There are also studies within interdisciplinary fields.

All University studies are organized according to Bologna principles and ECTS is fully implemented at all levels

Website www.unios.hr

Faculties and Majors

Faculty / Major Faculty of Structural Engineering / Structural Engineering - Master (MA)
Nr Students 3
Duration 5
Study Cycle 2,3
Language Requirements EN/B2/HR
Nr Lecturers 2
Application Terms


Contact Data - Exchange University

Martina Šuto, Institutional Erasmus coordinator
International Relations Office, Trg Sv. Trojstva 3; HR- 31000 Osijek, Croatia
phone: + 385 31 224 125+ 385 31 224 125 ; fax: + 385 31 224 126; erasmus@unios.hr

Ivan Kraus, PhD
Faculty of Civil Engineering
Drinska 16a, 31000 Osijek, Croatia
Tel: +385 31 274 377+385 31 274 377
Fax: +385 31 274 444

Contact Data - UACEG

Erasmus Coordinator, Faculty of Structural Engineering:
Prof. Dr. Eng. Julieta Mancheva, mancheva_fce@uacg.bg


Erasmus Coordinator, Faculty of Transportation Engineering:
Chief Assist. Prof. Dr. Eng. Nikolay Kerenchev