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Karabük University

Karabük University
Subject Area

Строителен факултет


Karabuk University, whose faculties and vocational schools had previously been affiliated to Zonguldak Karaelmas Unviversity, now Bulent Ecevit University, Zonguldak-Turkey, was founded on May 29, 2007, in accordance with Law Number 5662 published in the Official Gazette dated 29.05.2007 with the number 26536. As being one of the youngest and most dynamic universities of our country, which is heading for global education and international progress, Karabuk University is located in Karabuk on the Western Black Sea Region of Turkey and near Safranbolu, a district and 8 KMs away from Karabuk, which is famous for its ancient historical wooden Ottoman Houses, many of which are under legal protection and used as lodging-houses, and it is thus in “the List of World Heritage Cities” by the UNESCO.

Supported mainly by state funds, the University offers both undergraduate and graduate programmes with 12 faculties, 4 institutes, 3 higher school, and 4 vocational higher schools, where approximately 32.000 students take education at both undergraduate and graduate levels during the 2013-2014 academic year with around 750 academic staff, 400 administrative and technical staff. Through highly qualify studies in these educational programmes, the University moves forward not only to achieve its target of being one of the world’s best leading universities in the near future but also to serve our country and humanity at large. By means of the advantage of the opportunities of international cooperation and solidarity, which is of vital importance in the international education, Karabuk University continues to have its voice heard serving the nation in the fields of science and technology, while taking its proper place in the world with its contribution to education and research with all of its academic units and academic staff in the local, national, and international arena.


Website http://www.karabuk.edu.tr

Faculties and Majors

Faculty / Major Faculty of Structural Engineering / Structural Engineering - Master (MA)
Nr Students 5
Duration 5
Study Cycle 1,2,3
Language Requirements EN/B1
Application Terms

31/05 - 31/10

Contact Data - Exchange University

Büşra ORAK

Unıversity of Karabuk(UNIKA)/ International Relations Office

Rectorate Building /C Block /3rd Floor

No: C319/ Karabük -TURKIYE

Phone: +90 370 418 8054

Contact Data - UACEG

Erasmus Coordinator,

Faculty of Structural Engineering:
Prof. Dr. Eng. Julieta Mancheva, mancheva_fce@uacg.bg