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Outgoing Student Mobility for Studies

Student and PhD student mobility under the ERASMUS+ program provides an opportunity to realize a period of study in foreign higher schools. The study is carried within one or two semesters and lasts from minimum 2 to maximum 12 calendar months in an academic year.

Students and PhD students can apply for participation in study mobility under the ERASMUS+ program only when contests are announced by the International Department. They submit documents and participate in the competitions during the semester preceding the academic year, in which the mobility will be carried out.

For the period of study, students in foreign higher education institutions under the ERASMUS+ program do not pay: academic (semester) tuition fee at the host university, access to laboratories and use of libraries.

According to the program regulations, it is permissible to pay small fees to the host university for insurance, participation in student unions, use of support materials (photocopies, laboratory materials, etc.) on the same grounds as they are paid by the students of the host university. It is mandatory to take out health insurance for the study period.

The student rights at UACEG remain unchanged for ERASMUS+ students. They pay the tuition fee for the relevant semester at UACEG and retain the right to the scholarship in the event that you receive one.

PhD students can carry out the study mobility in connection with the study of academic disciplines and the passing of examinations from the doctoral minimums included in the individual plan of their doctoral studies at UACEG, or for the preparation of parts of the dissertation thesis.

STUDY MOBILITY FUNDING FOR 2022/2023-2027/2028

Those approved for participation in the program receive the status of ERASMUS+ students. The rights and obligations of ERASMUS+ students are reflected in the ERASMUS+ Student Charter.

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  • Easy tracking of mobility stages - before, during and after;
  • Sharing and voting for useful mobility tips;
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