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Research, Consultancy and Design Centre (RCDC)

The Research, Consultancy and Design Centre (RCDC) has been functioning since 01 January 2002 as a structural unit at the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy (as a successor to the Research and Design Sector and the Research Sector) and operates in the field of: 


  • Complex project and research activities in the field of architecture, urban planning, civil engineering, communication, hydraulic engineering, geotechnics, geodesy, land management, etc.
  • Reinforced concrete and steel structures of buildings and facilities
  • Building materials and insulation 
  • Offer and pre-offer research and analysis 
  • Project work in the field of transportation engineering (bridges, tunnels and railways)
  • Expertise and control on design and construction 
  • Research and design in the field of geotechnics (soil mechanics and foundation engineering, engineering geology)
  • Hydraulic engineering, hydrologic and hydraulic research. Research related to water resources utilization
  • Assessment of aquaculture systems (hydroenergy, irrigation and drainage, water supply and complex), water treatment plants, tailings, etc.
  • Environmental research and analysis. Environmental impact assessment
  • Risk assessment
  • Management of the spatial planning, design process, construction and operation of sites and facilities
  • Geographic information systems
  • Cadastral plans and maps of settlements, agricultural lands, forests, etc.
  • Geodetic and photogrammetric measurements and determining the volumes of earthfill and other kinds of materials and supplies on indoor and outdoor sites
  • Land and forest subdivision developments 
  • Physical modelling research and experiments, etc.

The RCDC has the computing and graphic equipment necessary for the above activities, as well as the respective hardware and software.  

When needed, the RCDC uses the Central Computing Complex of UACEG. 

The RCDC at UACEG is comprised of highly qualified specialists: researchers and designers from all fields, lecturers and staff at UACEG, academics and specialists from other establishments of higher education, as well as the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. 

The RCDC at UACEG assembles working teams to perform the specific research, projects and scientific developments in its fields of operation. 

The RCDC at UACEG uses a licensed laboratory for testing the performance of building materials.  

The operation of the RCDC at UACEG is regulated by means of a Regulation document adopted by the Academic Council

Правилника за Устройство и Дейност на ЦНИП (Regulation for the Structure and Operation of the RCDC, in Bulgarian)

Решение на акaдемичен съвет за създаване на ЦНИП (Decision of the Academic Council for creating the RCDC, in Bulgarian)

Сертификат по ISO 9001 (Certificate according to ISO 9001)