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Incoming students

Dear Student,

Thank you for choosing our university for your Erasmus+ mobility.

Below you will find information about our application procedure and necessary documents.

Application process


Every exchange student should be nominated from the sending institution before application.

Deadline for nominations and applications for the autumn semester: 31 May

Deadline for nominations and applications for the spring semester: 30 November

The normal fulltime student workload per semester is 30 ECTS credit points. Every student should complete a Learning Agreement for studies with a list of courses, which fit into the student's study profile. The catalogue of courses offered at the UACEG in English language is available as attachment below. Both institutions must approve the Learning Agreement.

The UACEG uses the Online Learning Agreement (OLA). Until further notice and as an exception, it is also possible to use the paper agreement (see attached files).

About the application procedure:

The student completes the online learning agreement ( OLA) and signs it online. The sending institution automatically receives a notification to approve the OLA. The UACEG will also automatically receive a notification to sign the student's learning agreement for studies.

The students should insert in the OLA the following responsible persons at the UACEG for the purposes of the OLA signing procedures:

Chief Assist. Prof. Dr. Arch. Nora Yordanova, mail: yordanova_far@uacg.bg

Building and Civil Engineering:
Prof. Dr. Eng. Julieta Mancheva, mail: mancheva_fce@uacg.bg

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Christina Mickrenska, mail: kmikrenska_fgs@uacg.bg

After approval of the online learning agreement by all parties, the student receives an admission letter.

Useful Tip:
Download the Erasmus+ App to track your OLA and other useful information.

If a student intends to do a thesis project at UACEG, a short description of the subject area of the thesis is required before the approval of the online learning agreement.

Incoming students are offered rooms in the UACEG dormitory in Studentski grad, block 35 ( 5 km from the University, about 20 min by bus). You can apply for the dormitory by using the Application form for incoming students and sending it to the following mail address: aceint@uacg.bg.

There are no specific insurance requirements for students at the UACEG. It is the responsibility of the participant in the international exchange programs to ensure that he/she has adequate insurance coverage for the travel and mobility period. Highly recommended: European Health Insurance Card or other type of medical insurance.

Incomplete or late applications cannot be considered.

Attached below you can find the Institutional information, the Catalogue of Courses offered in English language to incoming students, the form of the Learning Agreement for studies.