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Required Documents

Persons seeking recognition of higher education acquired at a foreign higher education institution must submit the following documents:

1. Application Form.
2. Original and a copy of the higher education qualification or another similar document, issued by an educational institution recognized by a competent government authority as a part of the secular system of higher education in the respective country.
3. Original and a copy of the academic transcript as well as an original and a copy of European diploma supplement if it is available.
4. Original and copy of personal identity document as well as a document, certifying the change of the names of the applicant in case of such a change.
5. Document for paid administrative fee for the recognition procedure (380 leva for diploma or 160 leva for periods) in cash or via a bank transfer to the account of UACEG.

The documents, required in items 2 to 3 except the European diploma supplement must be legalized, translated and certified in accordance with the provisions of the international treaties of the Republic of Bulgaria with the country in which they are issued; in case of absence of such provisions it must be done in accordance with the general procedures for legalization, translation and certification of documents and other papers.

The translations of the legalized and certified documents under items 2-3 should have the consular certification of the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA).

The applicants, seeking recognition could submit academic documents to the contact person for preliminary review and discussion by the Recognition Committee before submission all required documents.