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Incoming Staff

Dear Participant,
Thank you for the interest in our university. You will find more information about the application procedure and the necessary documents below:

APPLICATION PROCESS - Before the mobility

1. Teaching Agreement. Complete the Teaching Agreement form and describe the teaching activities you plan to undertake during your stay in the receiving institution UACEG. Both institutions approve and sign the Teaching Agreement. 

2. CV in English language.

3. Bank account document. The bank account document should provide details about the account, where the financial support should be paid, such as: the account holder, bank name, address, Clearing/BIC/SWIFT number and account/IBAN number.

4. Copy of an insurance policy, providing adequate insurance coverage for the travel and the mobility period of the participant. The insurance policy will also be needed for your visa application.

Please send all these documents to the UACEG International Office e-mail: aceint@uacg.bg

On the basis of the above documents, the International Office prepares an Invitation letter, and sends it to the Bulgarian Embassy in the respective partner country as part of the visa application.

The International Office of UACEG also prepares a Grant Agreement for Teaching, which is signed by UACEG and the participant after his/ her arrival in Bulgaria.


REPORTING PROCESS - After the Mobility

1. Online EU Survey - the participant shall complete and submit the online EU Survey after the mobility abroad. The invitation is received by e-mail.

2. The participant provides to the receiving institution documents proving the dates of travel and stay– plane tickets, tickets from other types of travel, hotel and other accommodation invoices, etc.

3. The receiving institution - UACEG issues a Certificate of Attendance which certifies the start date and the end date of the mobility period.