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Issue 7





"75th Anniversary of UACEG" 

30 Years Faculty of Transportation Engineering 



  • Geodynamic Conditions of the Landslide on the Road to Trapezitza Hill, the Town of Veliko Tarnovo

A. Lakov, St. Stoynev

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  • Snow Protection of Roads. Evaluation of the Problem in Bulgaria

E. Ivanova, I. Sulay, I. Staykov

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  • Geotechnical Conditions for Constructing the “Stara Kresna” Tunnel on Struma Highway

S. Stoynev, A. Lakov

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  • Veneer Slope Reinforcement with Geogrids

B. Bratoev, I. Doykov

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  • Application of Building Materials of Natural Origin in the Noise Protection of Buildings

E. Ivanova, D. Boyadzhieva

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  • Alumni of UACEG – Main Figures for the Development of Bulgarian Railways

M. Lepoev, Y. Tasev

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  • Rail Service Large Shippers

S. Todorov

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  • Comparison of Criteria of Mohr-Coulomb and Drucker-Prager in Modeling Primary Lining in Tunneling

N. Babunska-Ivanova

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  • Investigation of Structure Borne Noise for a Steel Railway Bridge

A. Zhelyazkov, L. Moschen, I. Arnuga, M. Fegerl

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  • TBM Applications for Short Tunnel Drives

K. Bäppler, R. Angelov

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  • Replacement and Maintenance of Bridge Bearings

P. Nikolov

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  • Evaluation of the Waterproofing and Drainage System for Maintenance and Exploitation of the Transport Facilities

E. Ivanova, D. Miteva, St. Dinovski

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  • Application of Geosyntethic Materials in Infrastructure Projects

Е. Ivanova, R. Vishanov

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  • Increase in Centrifugal Acceleration in Transition Curves

D. Martinov

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