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Issue 11



  • Dynamic Study of a Class of Plane Systems with Finite Number of Degrees of Freedom – Numerical Solution and Experimental Realisation

P. Pavlov

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  • Probability Analysis of Efficiency of Flood Risk Management Downstream After Dams

А. Gerenski, J. Mancheva, M. Mavrova-Guirguinova

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  • Determination of the Strain Energy Release Rate for a Longitudinal Crack in a Functionally Graded Beam

V. Rizov

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  • GIS Database Structuring for Irrigation Systems

P. Filkov, S. Bogdanova, N. Naydenov

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  • Grey Water Footprint from Wastewater Discharge in the River Djerman at the Town of Dupnica

I. Ribarova, T. Kovacheva, S. Dimitrova

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  • Research on Chlorine Decay Bulk Reaction Coefficient in the Water Distribution Network of the City of Sofia

R. Tonev, G. Dimova, S. Dimitrova

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  • Removal of Nitrates from Natural Water Through Slow Filtration and Denitrification

G. Dimova, S. Dimitrova, R. Tonev, S. Lazarova, I. Angelova

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  • Investigation of the Parameters of the Technology for Research and Preparation of Nano Thin Organic Films by the Langmuir and Blodgett Method Developed by us and Optimization of its Key Components 

G. Ivanov 

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  • Hydraulic Resistance and Flow Regime Determination of a Step-Pool Rock Ramp

Y. Dobrev

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  • Research on the Coefficient of the Permeability of Semipermeable Construction Soils from Sofia Young Tertiery Basin

A. Bozhinova-Haapanen, Vl. Kostov

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  • Legal Evolution of Housing Policy in Bulgaria

D. Yordanova

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  • Experimental Model for Cyclic Pile Behavior

T. Yankov, M. Todorov

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  • Recovery of Rail Waste for Building Purposes

N. Postolova

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